A multilingual framework for adding languages ​​to your website

There are a number of approaches to making your website multilingual, and as with all design decisions, your site requirements should dictate how you will go by the end of the analysis. In this article, we will not examine the pros and cons of individual approaches, rather we will look at our own multilingual structure that facilitates translators.

All text on the web, whether it's a word, a sentence, a paragraph, a link, or whatever is stored in a backend database and accessible by a key, ie an integer and a language identifier, such as EN. So you can have several records like: 1, EN, "Hello" and 1, TU, "Salam" You can also have fields that indicate which page can be found, which is useful later in the translation application.

Each page of website content exists once for multiple languages. It is not necessary to replicate the source code for each page. Using this approach, I created a php-based application and wherever the text appeared in HTML, it was replaced by a PHP function that looked like this: p ("Hello", 1) Function "prints the word" Hello "in any language at a given moment If English is active, the function simply returns the English text that was sent to it.If another language is used, the function searches for a text entry in the desired language and returns it.Active language can be stored in the GET or Session variable. that the text "Hello" remains in the right place in the source of the page and is easily readable and maintained.Other approaches sometimes leave you with secret text only and you need to manually search for text to read HTML

As you probably are not interested in watching an extensive database of text id manually eg Hello, 1, Good bye = 2, there are easy approaches to automation, for example when a programmer i write "Hello", just code p ("Hello"). Later starts the utility, finds the virgin "Hello", allocates it id and updates the code to look like "Hello", 1). The same tool can check existing text items to see whether the English text (or any of the languages ​​listed) has been updated and to create a note in the database that alerts the translator that the translation must also be updated. In our database we record current English text and previous English text, so translators can see the history of text changes.

What about efficiency do you ask? To avoid database searches for every text view, we retrieve the whole language database for a particular language into the session grouping variable whenever a user changes languages. This is relatively fast and invisible to users. If you have a large website, you can always choose to pick only the selected parts of the site in the field. The term "very quick search for a field for the return of the relevant text, of course, the basic language does not require any search because the function is already passed

With all the text in the database it is easy to create a translator application in order to add a new language or updated text , which has been changed on the source pages.Translators do not need to know html to perform their work.One of the nice features is to be able to copy the translation for a particular text that is the same on several pages.Be careful when reusing translations because translation may vary depending on the page context

This is by no means an exhaustive description of what needs to be done to make your site fully multilingual There are many questions ranging from simple things such as the date and display of currency to for the finer problems managed such as the photos or colors you use? So now you can visualize at least one design frame option for your multilingual pages. Here is the place where this method was used: www.goodneighboraz.com Good luck globally!

How to use print reports properly

If you are talking to experienced online marketers, they will tell you that press releases are a thing of the past. These are mostly people who have tried it a few times, or just once, but with a message that was very poorly built. It will also be obvious that they probably did not make enough hard work, yet they were expecting huge rewards from minimal effort.

In order to help you generate more sales and get more traffic to your website, more attention needs to be paid to your press release, and it takes a lot of work. If you are going to be working on writing press releases and submitting them, it is worth reading this article in full.

The real recipe for disaster is to send a press release as an email attachment, because it is guaranteed that most of the time will fail. Most people do not open attachments to emails because they are afraid of malware and viruses that could damage computers.

You have no exception to the above rule, are you? The press release must be part of the body of the e-mail message itself. This is the only way to target individual recipients and still read the information. To make sure people read your press release, you must put a personal message at the top. He tells them to read what you have written very kindly and reassuring words.

Getting their curiosity is the key to your success. As soon as their curiosity melts, they will read what you have written. People usually delete the kinds of messages that have not caught their immediate attention. Only minutes or two will make a lot of money.

Regarding format and content, the rules have not changed for long. An example of what you do not have to do is use two pages for your release because it's too much information. You have a lot of work in this area and it's really short enough not to carry the reader. If you follow the correct and accepted format for press releases, then it will help your editions read your editors. The worst thing you can do is add fillings that really do not add any value, as editors can see it easily.

The best times to send your press releases are in the middle of the week so people can catch up when they're settled in a weekly routine. Never post on Monday because it is known that it is not a good time. Unfortunately, Friday is almost a complete waste of time because employees are already preparing for the weekend. At the time you spend on Monday or Friday you do not waste time, so avoid and you will go well.

Why would you trust anyone who tells you that all the other press releases are working as outlined above, is not it worth it? Usually people who say they are the same people who expected success overnight with very little work. If you just implement strategy and press release tactics as described in this article, you can start building a successful business.

Increase performance in Dot Net Caching web applications with relatively static data

All but the most dangerous web applications store their data in database tables. This data can be broadly divided into two major categories:

1) Transaction data

2) Checking data

For further illustration, an example of a discussion forum containing 100,000 posts on the forum. ] Transaction data

Each post itself is most likely stored in a separate table for forum posts. There is not much work here. When viewing a post, no matter how we look at it, this data record must always be loaded from the database.

Control data

Now consider the data structure, such as a list of forums, a menu structure website, etc. These data records need to be loaded for each page displayed. Consider, however, the fact that these data have relatively few records and will almost never change.

What happens when requesting data from the database

Any data acquisition no matter how small the latency is 15 to 20 milliseconds. This is due to the fact that the data request must be processed through multiple underlying layers in the data access stack before the data is available. A simplified look at these layers would be as follows:

1) Processing of objects in the namespace of dot net framework system.data (eg Data file, connection)

2) Transfer the request to the low-level database driver

3) Serializing a request through tcp or named channels on the database server itself

4) Processing sql syntax and data acquisition by database server

5) Deleting response serialization via tcp streams or named channels by the low-level database server driver

6) Returning the response to the namespace of the frameframe system concerned

As you can see, while retrieving a single record from the database may seem like a trivial task, there is significant background processing. ] Performance Performance Caused by Database Requirements

Although IIS (and any other Web site) provides multiple execution of Web applications, it is a parallel web application processing. The only web-based request from a web browser will be processed by a single Web server thread. In this context, if the web-based web request 25 for the web page actually guarantees overhead of 375-500 milliseconds, it simply waits for data. To emphasize this point, consider that the application code itself for most web application pages will be completed in less than 50 milliseconds.

While it may not be interesting on a small page, it adds to the big pages relatively quickly. If we take a close look at the lifecycle of the web application site, we find that 40% to 70% of the data request is generally control data. Controls data that could be cached. Generally, caching takes less time to cache, and is not even measurable. Storing cached data means that the average application page could be processed in less than 150 milliseconds compared to 400 milliseconds. How do you see that the gain of performance is huge.

Caching Details

Naturally, there are many ways to do this in Dot Net web applications.

1) App Domain Caching

2) Caching by caching dedicated objects such as Microsoft Enterprise Library

3) Caching by Static Methods (Implementation Example Provided)

Domain Caching:

IIS Provides Relatively High Caching Performance. See the dot net framework help and MSDN links on System.Web.Caching and how to implement them.

Caching via dedicated caching libraries

Many flavors of these exist, however, is perhaps one of the easiest to perform

For further details, please refer to the following two links



Static Caching

Any static method defined within the Web Touch Web Application is global for the entire application. The only exception is when using a web farm or process farm information service. In this case, the static global method for all threads is run in a single IIS process

The shown thread synchronization locks are required here because all threads of the entire application pool process will share access to these static methods.

The following code snippet provides an example of how to implement this strategy with reloading every five minutes

public class ForumName


// Object Data Object Class for Representation of the Top Level Forum

m_Summary = ValSummary

// and assign values ​​for the rest of your database fields


public ForumName (string ValName, string ValSummary)] private string m_Name;

public string Name {get {return m_Name; }}

private string m_Summary;

public string Summary {get {return m_Summary; } 19659010] and properties for the rest of your database fields


#region "MyCachedMenu property"

private static object

{19659010] {19659011} {19659011} {19659011} {19659011} public static system.collections.ObjectModel.ReadOnlyCollection MyCachedMenu 19659010] 19659010]


19659010] 19659010]

m_MyCachedMenu_IsSet = true;

{19659010} {19659010} {19659010} {19659010} LastLoadTime = m_MyCachedMenu_LastLoaded;




System.Threading.Monitor.Exit (m_MyCachedMenu_SyncRoot);


If [(TimeSpan) DateTime.Now.Subtract (LastLoadTime)]. TotalMinutes> 5) // This means reload every 5 minutes


System.Threading.Monitor.Enter [19659011] 19659011] 19659011] 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659011 19659028 19659028 19659028 19659028 19659010 19659011 ]

m_MyCachedMenu_LastLoaded = DateTime.Now;

// Data entry from the database here

// For each of the database records, it creates a new data object and loads it into m_MyCachedMenu

} [19659011] #endregion

Good luck with your application and remember with web apps, whenever and wherever possible, cache your read-only data.

SAP Business One Implementation and Localization in Brazil – overview

SAP Business One has up to 10,000 installations around the world, and from Latin and South America we are talking about a few countries like Chili, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, etc. However, Brazil has some implementation, localization and adaptation challenges. SAP Business One, purchased from an original supplier in Israel, has features such as Multilanguage in one database / enterprise, multi-processor, MRP / manufacturing / production, service management, CRM (Drag and Relate) from a technical page – the Microsoft SQL Server database platform, etc. We describe the challenges of the Brazilian market in a small article:

on the Tax Engine. Who is familiar with this subject understands the importance of locating Brazilian, Indian, Russian and French tax engines. It was very efficiently designed, the SAP Business One object model structure required a lot of development efforts to locate the SAP Business One tax module on the Brazilian tax code. It seems that SAP has a global strategy and is developing the Brazilian tax system. It plans to use the same flexible construction to accept / localize SAP BO in the Indian market, where we have similar issues (Tax Code Unique)

on Potruguese / Braziliero translation. This is where SAP BO is really strong – you can switch between US English and Portuguese by clicking on a combination of CNTRL-XXX (you will need to close all windows bo BO, but hey – it's not a big deal compared to having fun that you have multiple languages ​​in of the same company). Additionally, you can have a user profile to define a Named User language (SAP Business One has a named user license fee)

o Integration into SAP. SAP Business One has an integration gateway to SAP that makes this product attractive to a franchise network where you consolidate franchises into central ERP.

o Competitors. You should expect SAP to strive to gain market share from such local ERP solutions for mid-sized (and even large) companies like Microsiga and RM, Microsiga is probably a focus. SAP Business One plans to develop a pricing strategy that will make this product license price well below the Microsig price

for processing Lockboxes. The current location allows you to work with several central banks, such as Banco do Brasil.

o Some disadvantages. (For Brazil, however, third parties in Venezuela exist for Auto Dealership and Argentina – RMS)

for Licensing. You can only start with one license. If your business has a large sales department, you can only buy CRM users and half the price (you will have access to a CRM with the ability to create a bid, order and invoice and view their interactions and reporting)

on CRM. You can have a workflow (compare with Microsoft Sharepoint) with approval cycles, CRM uses news via the Microsoft Outlook client

Good luck with implementation, customization and integration, and if you have any problems or concerns – we are here to help! If you want us to do it – call us São Paulo 55-11-3826-3449, USA: 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918! help@albaspectrum.com

How to get compensation for a bad hotel experience

Almost everyone had a bad experience with the hotel in one or the other. Perhaps the room was not completely clean, had a smell, or was placed a bit too close to the ice machine. A possible free continental breakfast is worth what you paid for. Or maybe a 17-year-old clerk at the front desk was too busy on his BlackBerry to skip you, so you miss another shuttle bus to the airport.

Whatever the case, consumers should not just complain about their family and friends after returning home from vacation or business trip. Increase the problem with the hotel – if done correctly, you can solve not only the problem, but you can get compensation. Would not it be great to get free hotel stays, room upgrades, discount coupons or even a refund for your difficulties? Follow these three steps to get the best results when you solve a hotel complaint:

1. Immediately solve the problem: When it comes to staying in the hotel, the first step is to deal with the problem with an official hotel as soon as a problem occurs. Simply explain to them how your expectations are not met and what you would like them to do.

Suppose you get a room near the ice machine and you can hear the machine every time someone goes to ice. Tell the reception that your room is loud due to the ice machine, that you are sleeping lightly and would like to move. When you talk to hotel staff, always stay calm and polite, but do not be afraid to say. For example, do not hesitate to say that you are willing to upgrade rooms, but the downgrade is not acceptable.

2. Go to top (but reasonable): Raise your problem to the hotel manager. Do not waste time with lower-level workers if they are not easily willing to solve the problem or you are not authorized to do so. When you talk to a hotel manager, understand that even the manager will not be able to meet your request. If this is another hotel room you are looking for, there may be a hotel with maximum capacity. Try to be flexible and think outside the box. If the pool is closed, there may be a nearby hotel where you can use the swimming pool. The main reason is – work with the hotel and find a solution.

3. Report on the complaint: If the hotel can not solve the problem, it is good to write a letter. Good hotel advertising begins before you leave the hotel. Take notes about the dates and times of key events, the names and status of the staff you spoke with, and the nature of the conversation. These notes will be useful. The letter should be sent to the highest person in the company you find – even to the CEO. Follow the facts and do not be rude. Most importantly, tell them how you want to be compensated. Ordinary items received include full or partial refund, free future stays, loyalty points in the hotel, and discount coupons.

I travel up to 100 days a year. While many hotels fail to meet certain standards, promises and expectations, I find that most hotels have a real interest in solving problems. Do not hesitate to tell someone if something is wrong. The hotel is willing to solve the problem in gaining valuable feedback to improve the stay of future visitors.

All Inclusive Resorts Tips – important things to consider when looking at all trips

What exactly can you get at all inclusive resorts? Package variations from one resort to another, but for the most part you will get everything you need, including food, entertainment, activities. Some packages include taxes and tips.

It's important to carefully check every package called all inclusive to know exactly what you get. If you are already planning to do everything that is mentioned, it is probably cheaper to continue and buy the package, as opposed to paying for everything separately. Many resorts offer tremendous discounts to tourists who buy them all-inclusive.

These resorts are located all over the world – not only in popular tourist areas. Of course, if you want to go to a popular tourist spot, you probably find other packages to choose from. Many of these shops offer hotel chains and are not limited to one place.

Some packages are only for two nights, others are seven or eight. There are all-inclusive resorts that are family oriented, while others are designed for couples or individuals. Upper category resorts offer spa services, golf, water sports and many other activities in their packages. To go to the ski resort, compare all the benefits offered by different resorts to find out which one offers the most excitement and fun at an affordable price.

Make sure you know in advance when and when you should ever warn. As mentioned above, not all travel packages include rewards. Even if the tips are already included in the hotel itself, it does not have to be a taxi between the hotel and the airport or restaurants outside the resort.

Where to look for a relaxing vacation or an exciting holiday, you should be able to find a resort that offers everything you need in a single all inclusive package. For an exotic beach holiday, do not forget to choose a resort that has its own private beach that you can easily come out at any time you want. Another thing to consider is dining. Be absolutely sure that the resort you are considering has a variety of restaurants. What is the use to pay for an all inclusive holiday with meals if none of the restaurants and meals appeal to you?

There are all inclusive resorts: the Caribbean Islands, the Bahamas, Mexico, Thailand, Switzerland, Hawaii, Alaska, Orlando, New York and several other locations all over the world. It is easy to find the ideal holiday destination.

Start searching for the best all inclusive resorts online. You can easily shop and compare different itineraries from destinations around the world. You can also rely on how to deal with the use of promotional codes online.

Cheap London Hotels – The Best Way to Reduce Accommodation Costs

The city of London is one of the most popular tourist destinations and is the capital of the United Kingdom. Utilizing many world-renowned tourists, London is also known as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Being an expensive city, London still helps its tourists with many cheap hotels offering a comfortable stay to visitors from different environments.

The capital of England and the United Kingdom, London is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Also renowned as the home of many famous national monuments, including museums, art galleries and libraries, this city is visited by millions of tourists throughout the year. It is located on the banks of the River Thames and is considered to be the center of art, entertainment, education, architecture, fashion, culture and the media. Being a city with many places to visit and lots of things, London is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations. London is also known as one of the most expensive cities in the world with enough places to visit. But this factor of fact, London offers a large number of cheap hotels to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay experience for visitors.

Some of the world-famous attractions include Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Madame Tussaud, Big Ben, Tower of London, London Eye, Covent Garden, London Bridge, Louis. Paul's Cathedral and other similar places, London attracts a large number of tourists from almost every corner of the world to suit the needs of this huge influx of tourists. The city offers plenty of hotels that are located in different parts of the city. In essence, there are two main types of hotels available throughout the city, including luxury hotels such as 5 star and 7-star hotels, for welcoming top-level people or for those who are unwilling to do anything in their rich lifestyle. On the other hand, there are affordable and cheap hotels in the city. These hotels satisfy the demands of tourists who do not want to spend a lot of money on accommodation in the expensive city of London.

As London is one of the most expensive cities, tourists generally prefer to stay in budget or in budget hotels. The decision to stay in these hotels appears to be a full-fledged decision for travelers because it helps to reduce travel expenses. Although these hotels are cheap, but that does not mean they compromise with the comfort and convenience of tourists in some way. All rooms are equipped with cable TV, coffee maker, hairdryer, coffee maker, hairdryer, coffee maker, hairdryer, coffee maker, hairdryer and coffee maker. other such equipment. Although the list of services does not have to match the list of luxury hotels, it is uncompromising with the comfort of tourists. Moreover, the warm hospitality of these hotels is simply superb.

So if you are looking for a cheap hotel in London, then a large number of these hotels are available throughout the city. It is always advisable to book hotel rooms in London well in advance because the city is full of tourists all year round. To do this, you need to search the websites of different hotels and book a hotel room that suits your needs and budget. You can also find Bed and Breakfast in Central London according to your budget. So start looking now.

CLARIDGE Hotel London


Claridge is a 5-star hotel located in the prestigious Mayfair district of London, just off Hyde Park, the Mable Arch and shopping on Bond Street. Renovated for its beautiful Art Deco features and modern finishes, the hotel's foyer features a Chihuly glass statue and 1920 engraved glass screens. Designed by David Collins, the hotel's hotel bar features a glass glass chandelier and a silver foil ceiling.

The 203 rooms at the Claridge & Suites are equipped with modern amenities that include satellite channels and pay movies, refrigerators, minibars, marble bathrooms, televisions, premium bedding, daily newspapers, and wireless internet access. Dogs are allowed in the rooms and separate beds and cribs are available upon request.

The hotel also offers a gym with wooden floors, glass pillars, juice and even breakfast at an additional cost. The spa at Hotel Claridge offers a range of beauty treatments and massages. This 5-star hotel offers a variety of business meetings and events and can accommodate 2-800 guests. A shuttle service is available at an additional cost. Other hotel services include laundry service / dry cleaning, tour assistance, wedding services, and currency exchange.


Claridge has a history that spans over 200 years and was first known as Milvert's Hotel in 1812 . Several years after its absorption, it was sold to the lords and Mrs. Claridge, who owned a small hotel next to each other. The two hotels were labeled "Milverts of Claridge" until they decided on the current name. The hotel was sold to the founder of the Savoy Richard O'Neill Carte in 1894, which then transformed buildings into what they are today. Claridge was rebuilt in 1898 by George Trolloppe & Sons and featured its own bathrooms, elevators and a host of modern conveniences.

Claridge include Audrey Hepburn, Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, Mick Jagger, Brad Pitt, Mariah Carey and U2. The hotel attracted inadequate attention for its Christmas trees during the festive season. Some of these trees were designed by Kally Ellis (McQueens) and John Galliano.

Rooms and Apartments

203 rooms (including 67 suites) and two suites in Claridge are individually designed by famous designers including Linley and Diane von Furstenberg. These accommodations are divided into several categories, including luxurious queen, twin and deluxe king rooms. Deluxe Suite, Deluxe Junior Suite, Suite Mayfair, Deluxe Mayfair Suite, Mivart Suite and Claridge Suite. Signature includes Prince Alexander Suites, Grand Piano Suite, Davies Penthouse, Brook Penthouse and Royal Suite. All accommodation at the Claridge is equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment systems and plenty of luxurious amenities. The rooms are spacious in the range of 32 m2 / 344 m2 and 50 m2 / 538 square feet while the suites measure between 56 m2 / 602 m2 and 267 m2 / 2874 m2

Dining and Bar

Claridge has two restaurants two bars serving tasty cuisine and located in a stunning atmosphere. Dominates Tea House Henrietta Lovell, afternoon tea is an award-winning restaurant in the hotel and is open for sweet pastries, hot pies and, of course, tea. It is inspired by 19th-century decorations and is located in the foyer of the hotel.

The Foyer & Reading Room is another dining option at Claridge, which has been visited by several prominent faces over the years. The interior of the restaurant offers stunning grandeur and is open to cocktails, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Bar Claridge Bar features a rare collection of rare spirits and wines, including vintage champagne, the introduction of the interior designed by David Collins. Fumoir in Claridge serves a wide range of cocktails and is behind Lalique door of the 1930s. The main restaurant at Claridge is run by award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay along with signature chef Steve Allen.

Health Club and Spa

Healthy club and spa are located at the top of the hotel and offer excellent beauty treatments provided by top-of-the-range beauty products. The Health Club offers unlimited views of London's skyline and offers personal fitness and training.

Business Services and Events

Claridge deals with a wide range of business meetings and private events such as parties, banquets and conferences. Functional rooms at the hotel can accommodate anywhere from 4 to 800 guests and choose from 9 stylish configurations. For business and corporate events, the hotel offers a wide range of amenities to ensure that every event is successful.


Claridge is located on one of the most prestigious beaches in London, on the corner of Davies and Brooke Street in Mayfair. It is a 50-minute drive from London Heathrow Airport and 1.5 hours from Gatwick International Airport. London Underground, National Rail and International Rail Station are within 5-15 minutes of the hotel.


Claridge offers custom concierge services that are aimed at both couples and families. Designed by the acclaimed British Linley Design Workshop, Map Room in Claridge is the ideal place for global business travelers. It offers everything to encourage the mind including a library of books and elegant furniture. The hotel also offers transfers from / to all airports in London. For families, Claridge offers countless activities to entertain children, including arts and crafts and computer games. Other facilities at the hotel include doctors, 24-hour room service and an exclusive dining menu for children in restaurants.

Cheap exotic holidays for travelers in the budget

Five Central and South American cheap holiday destinations

Why spend thousands or thousands of dollars traveling abroad or visiting a tourist tourist town? There are plenty of cheap exotic holiday destinations in Central and South America. In addition, there are shorter flights if you only have a week of free time (compared to European holidays) and most contributors speak Spanish, which facilitates communication. Here are some of the best and cheapest South American holiday discounts.

Roatan Island, Honduras

Located thirty kilometers from the coast of Honduras, Roatan Island is a pristine Caribbean paradise. With blue sky, turquoise water, sandy beaches and year-round high temperatures in the 70s and 80s, Roatan Island offers everything to be in the Caribbean. While the island of Roatan is more expensive than the mainland of Honduras, it is a certain agreement compared to other Caribbean vacations. In addition, the island has less street crime and violence than the rest of the country, making it safer.

Rooms run anywhere from $ 8 budget accommodation to $ 175 resort hotels and a gourmet meal will give you about $ 15. The island is also home to the second largest barrier reef, making it a popular dive site and diving is a must. It is also one of the most prized places to gain certification as a diver and one of the best cheap exotic holidays.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

One of the most expensive countries in South America, the economic collapse of Argentina has created travel travel. Argentina offers stunning scenery, exciting nightlife, world-class food and wine – all at a cheap price. Budget travelers can easily get less than $ 50 a day. The well-known Argentine nightlife makes it an ideal holiday destination for young travelers looking for adventure. Dinner usually runs around 10:00, followed by a full-day party. Argentina is the perfect party and discount for South America vacation instead.

Margarita Island, Venezuela

This tropical island paradise is located on the north coast of Venezuela and is home to beautiful beaches and has an average of 320 days of sun per year. Margarita's daytime activities include snorkelling, diving, fishing, climbing on the beach and horseback riding. For great shopping and local culture, go to El Mercado de los Conejeros on the edge of Porlamar where you will find unique souvenirs created by Amazon Indians and local residents.

Due to the sharp economic downturn in the country and the amazing exchange rate, hostels can be priced at just $ 13.50 per night, delicious fish food can be around $ 7, and cold beer will cost only a dollar. There are also plenty of bars, clubs and discos that offer exciting nightlife.


Visit Peru for better travel at a low price. Adults enjoy low prices and sightseeing options, and children love animals and varied landscapes. The largest tourist attraction is the Machu Picchu Inca ruins, but the country also has amazing Amazon rain forests, colonial cities, white water rafting and mountain trekking. Dining in local restaurants will cost from $ 2 to $ 5. Budget travelers pay anywhere from $ 20 to $ 50 per night for rental in Peru such as Lima or Cusco, but wherever else the prices will be lower.

Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile is one of the most modern metropolitan areas of Latin America. Situated in a valley surrounded by the Andes Mountains, this capital allows an afternoon morning immersion in the sea and world-rebuilt skiing. The country is also cheap. Cheap hotels in Nice are ranked according to distance from the city's alert below, to the point of waiting places you are looking for, as well as on the map.

Landscape with unique museums and art galleries, busy markets and unique colonial architecture. Restaurants can be found at affordable rates, but some can be quite expensive – so try it out before you sit down. The country also has a decent winery and wine tours are available. Chile is the perfect metropolitan discount for a South American vacation and a cheap holiday destination.

Book online hotels available – real holiday fun

Online Reservations is one of the most popular and popular services offered on the Internet for people. It allows visitors to book hotels online. From hotels to transportation to tours and many more, you will find that there are plenty of opportunities close to your keyboard to get the best in a very short time. The booking is very easy and convenient. The hotel reserves the right to pre-authorize credit cards prior to arrival.

People who visit a place are not aware of the location and invest a lot of time to get the hotel on holiday. But now they can get information about online hotels. Spend a lot of time in booking hotels and everything that people do not allow, they just get the inconvenience and waste of time. Now all these things have become easier when people book hotels and tour online and they really enjoy vacation.

Online booking of hotels in any category, offering luxury hotels, luxury hotels, luxury hotels, ] Each class has its own identity and has different devices. Online booking systems use real prices. Many people think that the hotel's online booking can take extra money.

The systems have been the subject of criticism in the past when it comes to advertising on prices for accommodation and rooms that may no longer exist. New technology eliminates this problem and allows people to track real-time rates as soon as the hotelier introduces them. The on-line reservation system includes existing hotel reservation systems to ensure that eg Double Rooms and obsolete accommodation prices are a thing of the past.

One phrase that online hotel reservations have enabled real holiday fun by getting the best in a very easy way. To book hotels, visitors often move to one hotel for another, which does not give a good result. Booking online hotels for your visit, holiday or weekend is all simpler and more affordable. Online hotel booking makes it easy to choose the right hotel. You can enjoy the comfort and ease of online hotel booking as well as the ability to compare prices and features of different hotels.