Nelson Hernandez – smiling champion gold glove


It should be called "fearless Hernandez" for many reasons. First, he did not hesitate to enter the ring with a fighter of a higher rank. Secondly, he had best. Next, he showed strength and determination, fighting like a champion. Finally, he held a championship in the Golden Gloves to Wisconsin from 1982 to 1984.

Former champion gold gloves Nelson Hernandez was born in Puerto Rico. Inspired by two uncles and two of his best friends, he entered the ring at the age of fifteen, weighing 115 pounds, and has completed thirty-seven fights in weight. Hernandez eventually moved to Wisconsin and trained together with Israel Costa in the center of the & # 39; the combined public. Hernandez felt that every fighter must have a mentor and must be inspired by a person who is able to support, morally, physically and spiritually.

He felt that Costa was a teacher and his father; after all, he is currently helping Costa with children at a community center because of his love for boxing, respect for Costa and his desire that children succeed. He believes that successful people have to somehow help their communities. He also inspired the recording of Costa in the preparation of the big fighters such as Hector Colon, who eventually became a national champion. As a result, it is very impressive to other boxers to stay the winner and become the winner.

Hernandez took up professional boxing at the age of twenty-two years. His record of achievements covers the complete range of thirty-three professional fights, Youth middleweight champion at 139 pounds, three fights in the heavyweight middleweight champion at 147 pounds, and two fights as a junior average weight of 155 pounds. Most of his fights were tough, as he always fought with great boxers. His inspiration for the young soldier did not deviate from the other fighters; there is always a chance to win, which depends on the moment.

Hernandez explained that the most brutal fight that he ever had, against Leonardo Taunsendom from Chicago, who took 10th place in the world. Hernandez says. "I've gone ten rounds with him, and it was a fierce battle." He felt that the fight was a real learning experience, which he cherishes, and that every soldier must leave the fight, feeling that he had learned somehow useful.

Hernandez worked with outstanding coaches such as Al Mureland and Eddie Brooks in Wisconsin. His inspiring Sugar Ray Robinson, Roberto Duran, Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes. He met and shook hands with Muhammad Ali (born. Martsela Cassius Clay Jr.) in 1985. Hernandez fought in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minnesota and Canada. He also believes that experienced travel made it more experienced man of the world. He believes that everyone should make the effort to travel outside their area, rather than stay in one corner of the city or village, not knowing and not feeling the rest of the world that should be part of their education.

"My training was very strict, and my road work will start at about 4:00 am, starting with running, boxing in the shadows, sparring, sit-ups, jumping ropes, bags and pads," – says Hernandez. He went on to comment, alluding to the fact that his training usually ends around 7:00 pm, and he is not allowed to eat anything after 7:30 pm due to his diet. Hernandez believes his training and nutrition had a positive impact on his life, and for many years he maintained his good physical and mental health. He also impresses others to be mentally and physically strong enough to survive in this world.

As for lessons learned, he could have done better in the financial sector. After graduating from high school in the ninth grade at the time of his car & # 39; sphere in boxing sometimes taken advantage of by others who are deprived of information. Bills are before him & # 39; are: food, rooms in hotels, travel, etc., destroyed the income that he should receive. "However, I continued to struggle with high hopes for the opportunity to reach their goal one day as a champion", – says Hernandez.

Like others, he learned that boxing is not as glamorous as it looks on TV. There are a lot of behind the scenes action, is not specified. He feels that young men should not be naïve and should know that they can operate in different ways. In addition, they must be prepared for disappointment. However, they should take note of such things and to avoid such negative encounters in the future. Based on the experience firsthand, Hernandez had in mind that it would have been different if he knew then, as I have.

"Boxing for me was the kindness rescue" – says Hernandez. He made it clear that one of the main benefits that it has reached to participate in boxing, with the & # 39 is the preservation problems. Several of his friends are faced with legal problems and have not been good. Some of his friends were instituted in the criminal justice system after problems with law enforcement. He feels that the youth of today must keep positive and develop positive posture and a positive attitude towards others; in the end it is to refuse from the negative.

Regarding travel Hernandez laughed and commented that he had a great time in Canada and liked the culture and people. He portrayed, that the only thing he did not like was how they searched at the border. In the first visit, he had only the US currency and was not sure of the accuracy of transactions; but in the second trip he took only Canadian currency and felt much better when I came there. He fought with Chad Brysanam in 2002, champion of Canada, which was his last fight.

Hernandez went from boxing at the age of thirty-five years. He said the profit was not sufficient to keep me and my family & # 39; and. Now he works as a regular job. In addition, he prepares and teachers Angelo lightweight champion, attending university and are looking for a degree. As for the car & # 39; EASURES Angela Hernandez, he said: "I do not want him to exploit the system as I was I would like him to benefit from my experience first-hand.".


City franchise of Atlanta Bread Company


Atlanta Bread – a bakery cafe chain based in suburban Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Georgia, in 1993, Jerry and Basil Kuvarasam. This company has been franchising since 1995. By the end of 2008, it has 110 locations in 24 states. Its headquarters is located in Smyrna, Ga.

bakery concept offers a variety of salads, sandwiches, soups, gourmet coffee, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, pastries, breads and desserts. Selection of pasta, pizza and breakfast such as French toast and omelet also provided in separate locations. The company has the most amazing food concept, and people who are interested in its version of the franchise, have the full support from education to assist in real estate. franchising offers are made only through the circular deals.

Atlanta Bread Company has two divisions, the company-owned and 167 franchise. All 169 units of the bakery, "Atlanta" distributed throughout the US, and so far none of its units does not exist in Canadian provinces and in any other foreign country. In addition, in South Carolina and North Carolina is still no operational units.

The company is registered in the following states: Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, California, Indiana, Hawaii, North Dakota, Michigan, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Oregon, District of Columbia, Alberta and Washington.

Qualifications for franchisees:

Net financial cost is significant. For franchisees also important to have a personal interview & # 39; nd and psychological profile. Also to be considered a general business experience the franchisee, industry experience and formal training.

10 years – is the extension period and the initial franchise agreement. Passive ownership is permissible; however this is not recommended. Allow franchisees to expand the area of ​​its territory and is also on the area development agreement for one year. Contract or sub-franchising is not available.

Offer training and support of corporate personnel, aid in lease negotiations for the selection and direct financial assistance. Training will take place 7 weeks in Atlanta. T

There will be no regional, cooperative, local or national advertising, these marketing materials or other marketing support. Support, for example, evaluation of the work on the ground, central purchasing, the initial opening of the store, on-site training, regional and national meetings, inventory control and hotline 800 phones.

Franchise Cost:

In order to have a franchise bakery companies Atlanta Bread Company, the required minimum cash investments – 400 000 dollars.

  • Total cash investments required – $ 650, 000-1 million
  • The average total amount of investments – $ 825, 000
  • Minimum net worth – $ 1 million.
  • The initial payment and the average franchisee – 400,000 USD
  • Continues average royalty – 5%
  • Media Fee – 2%
  • The average number of workers needed – 34 for full operation. Part-time work is not allowed.
  • The area required for the cafe – 4000-4500 square meters (preferably a shop or a separate building)
  • Claims on income is not provided, and the conversion does not apply

When searching for any business is very important, especially in view of today's market, look for specific ways to minimize or reduce overhead and risk. Any business is risk, but it is important to be fully aware of & # 39; volume of investments, start-up costs, and "ROI" (return on investment).

Most people are not aware that 80% of all franchise begins a failure in the first two to five years leaving large debts that hang over the next years.

One way and in my opinion, the best way to cut overhead, startup and investment costs – is to take advantage of the new era of entrepreneurship and start a business from the comfort of your home. The Internet market with & # 39 there are opportunities that create millionaires every day. Learn more about the exciting opportunities associated with a business model that begins profitable by visiting:


Can you get a dui on a horse?


Dui horse. Maybe it even? You may be surprised to learn that the charges horseback riding have been filed against the people in 2009 (contrary to popular belief, at the time when riding was a common way to travel, there was no such thing as a DUI. Which reminds me, it not some fanciful, cunning article to try to get you to read anything. I did not win about the law of dui in 1880. This analysis of the current legislation JUI and the fact that riding a horse can get you today.

Since I am a lawyer in Seattle, Washington, I'm going to use the law of JUI Seattle in my example of the analysis, it is possible you get a horse to horse. And although I can not be sure, it may be one of those rare cases where the law of Seattle actually applies to all fifty states. Is this true or not, I must ask that you, if you have a question about the JUI, and you're in Seattle, contact an attorney in your state JUI and abmerkuytse their problems with them. Laws from state to state may be different, so in order to make an informed decision, you need to know the laws of your state.

Let's set the scene for DUI on a test for the horse. It starts just like any other day. You go out to their friends, to ride horses (he lives in one of the housing estates where there are built equestrian trails throughout the department). But before you go, you're going to watch the game on TV Mariner. During the game, since it's Saturday and everything you choose to drink a couple of beers. And a couple of turns ten. By the end of the game you already heavily n & # 39; yanyya, but you have saddled a horse and still going.

About half-way drive you are living on the street, which passes between the tracks when a policeman from Seattle under the & # 39; leaves and asks what you are doing. You tell him, and he asks you to get a horse to explore further. Despite the fact that you do not realize until that moment, you still have your equipment Mariner, including the full form (you are a big fan). If a police officer of the Seattle talks to you, he asks, you did not drink. You say so, and then agreed to take some sobriety tests. Then you will be arrested for Dewey Seattle.

When you finally talk to your lawyer in Seattle Dui, he says he can immediately drop the charges. But how? Let's look at the status Dui to figure it out.

RCW 46.61.502 states that driving in a drunken state was driving the vehicle in this state while under the influence of alcohol up & # 39; yanennya or drugs. Seattle DUI can be proved in three ways: (1) test breath for .08; (2) signs of an alcoholic & # 39; yanennya alcohol or drugs; or (3) features an alcoholic & # 39; yanennya and medications.

But the analysis does not start with this because there is an earlier stage. The definition of "vehicle". And vehicles as you can imagine, includes a lot of things – but they all have engines and wheels and move due to some equipment. I prescribe the definition of the vehicle, but it is too long. But I can tell you one thing: the car does not include horses.

Thus, you go. You can not be convicted of Seattle Dewey horse. It does not work, because the horse is not in & # 39 is the right vehicle, and vehicle management – a necessary element of the crime. This does not mean that you can not be charged with other crimes and that you need to ride a horse while intoxicated. If you know nothing, fall from a horse can really prevent.


How to find the best type of wood for making chopsticks


Are you looking for the best wood to carve gait? This article will give you a Biology lesson that will define the quality of different woods that are recommended for cutting. This forest is highly recommended for any thread that you want to do.

Biology lesson will be short, and it determines the difference between hardwoods and conifers. Deciduous trees – angiosperms, flowering plants. Conifers belong to gymnosperms and in fact with the & # 39 are more primitive than the angiosperms. If you examine the trunk of hardwood and softwood, you will see a clear difference in the wood when comparing the two.

The economic importance of the angiosperms, flowering plants – the products they produce. The list is very long, but the category of products consists of (1) foods – vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, (2) the cover – structural beams and other types of forest use (oak, mahogany, walnut, maple, etc.) ; clothing fiber – cotton, and (3) drugs, etc. … and the list goes on. Contrasting conifers, the greatest economic importance are sources of lumber, timber, fuel and other structural materials. Conifers, or gymnosperms have pines such as Douglas fir, redwood, spruce, fir, cedar, cypress, and others.

Well, there are types of hardwood that meet many specialized needs. Because of the physical and external properties of some hardwoods prefer furniture, paneling, building, floor, etc. …. The forest, which is used for carving, may also be included in the list of specialized needs.

Forest, which should be considered for cutting sticks – a personal choice, and some of the common timber for consideration – is aspen, basswood, birch, red cedar, dumber, Hickory, lemon and yellow poplar. The thread, which I have attached to the aspen chopsticks, carved from linden. In the author's resources, please refer to the URL I think, to see what can be done with lime. It's easy to cut, grind and polish if desired.

And linden, and stupid is very popular in the woods & # 39; thread. Baranskii forest – it TILIA, and the view – Americana. Genus and species of the southern linden – a TILIA heterophylla. Lipa with a & # 39 is one of the softest hardwoods in the normal commercial use. Basswood is considered excellent even grain and exceptional resistance. It cuts easily with a sharp knife. Lipa is found to some extent throughout the Eastern United States, and half timber in the region of Lake Superior. Northern Basswood is considered superior to the south margin. Aspen in recent years has become a popular substitute for basswood.

Dumber and black gum are very similar to lime. Rod – is NYSSA, and the view – and biflora.The sylvatica trees grow in the marshy areas of the eastern half of the United States. They are soft hardwoods and excellent for cut of birds, fishes and swing baits. This tree is cut extremely well with a sharp knife.

You can purchase this carved wood, by going to the Internet. Enter your search engine stocks linden. In Minnesota and Wisconsin have many suppliers. If you do not have access to aspen to be used for the wand, use the Internet and go to TreelineUSA. In this company there are many different types of wood, with which you can start a project hadovay sticks. Although I do not have a large supply of aspen, I can supply you with aspen stick and stick head in July oak head of a duck or duck if you like the owl, great horned stick to spoil. I encourage you to begin to make a thread as it is a wonderful hobby and with practice you hooked.


Admission to the distance learning courses in Australia


Admission to the distance learning courses in Australia expands the possibilities for beginning students. The benefits of distance learning are many, and universities in Australia can successfully provide quality education for students around the world in the online platform.

This system ensures education of students lead to the desired success in their studies. Thanks to the Internet, component parts are simple enough educational programs. Students can easily find on the net various kinds of information on the chosen theme. The interactivity of this type of training system forces students to have fun throughout the session.

The fact that distance education reduces the cost of travel and educational material, for sure. Thus, students can choose the desired program of study without worrying about costs. Distance education in the universities also says goodbye to sad lessons and long seminars. Now students can easily access the audio / video files from the Internet important seminars. Here is a list of a few top universities in Australia that offer students high-quality educational programs in special packages.

Central Queensland University of North Rokgemptan

TAFE Virtual Campus

Campus Gryfitskaga

University of Wisconsin College Online education

Menzies Center – University of Tasmania

University of Phoenix Online

Conservatory of Music – University of Tasmania

Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland

Center for the Arts – University of Tasmania

intake procedure

The procedure for admission to these institutions is quite simple. Students can apply online after checking courses and requirements that apply for these courses. Typically, institutions providing distance education in Australia are online brochure that explains the descriptive requirements and criteria of suitability for students of various educational programs. This booklet will help you make the right decision when choosing the best course for themselves. Here is a list of duties to be performed when applying.

Send scanned copies of your previous or current research results, certificates, and any other authorized documents.

If you changed your name in the middle of a training session, to submit specific documentation demonstrating that both your names.

Send a copy of your address and a student visa (if you have one), and do not forget to reassure them of authority.

Supporting documents must come with the application form. However, if the student does not consolidate the required documents, they have to send them by e-mail to the admissions office & # 39; 7 days.

On the official website of your a fan of distance learning is always a phone number. Call them and clear any confusion on the course or fees.


Franchising for you?


In 1979, with only $ 20 in his pocket, 16-year-old Adel Salameh left his few & # 39; w, which is struggling in Jordan to come to the US on the possibility of a hungry and success. Not being able to speak in English, Salome was educated at night. During the day he worked as a boy in the high-end shoe store in downtown Chicago. Hard work and dedication of Salome gave him a seat of the district head, but Salome is still hoping for their own business.

Through a friend Salameh met with franchising opportunities with shops Verlo Factory Store.

Salome describes it in the right place at the right time.

"Mattress Werle opened my window at the perfect time," – said Salome.

Salameh with & # 39; it owns Verlo franchise since 1993. Today he owns three successful operations in Wisconsin, and in 2007 was awarded the International Association franchise, the franchisee fee, the presenting shop factory mattress Verlo.

He attributes her personal success with a franchise purchase as opposed to starting a business from scratch. "Some of the most important benefits of owning a franchise include: training, brand awareness, purchasing power, proven business plan, as well as advertising and ongoing support", – said Salameh. "Verlo has provided all the franchising authority initiatives – the things that you will not be at the opening of business on their own."

Owners Mattress stores Verlo franchise owner Dick boulders Samerfild echoes the sentiments Salome. "For me, it all started nearly 20 years ago, when Jane and his wife went into a Verlo store in Crystal Lake, Illinois" – Sumerfild said. "We left that day, not only a new mattress, but also a new sense of curiosity about franchising opportunities with Verlo".

Samerfild said that he likes the quality and cost, and also praised the straightforward and informative sales approach.

"What was the fate, I was actively looking for a business that opened, and was attracted to the concept of Werle" – Sumerfild said. "I was accepted to law school, but instead decided to open a business, as did my grandfather. I was a teacher, a foreigner and a sales representative looking for the right business."

Samerfild said that did their homework. "I learned a lot of business opportunities, including buying smetstsyavodav Park, developed a line of neon children towels, and even went on lantsuzhtsy restaurant", – he said. "In the end, I have discussed with the Verlo founders, which convinced me that the franchise Verlo offers business integrity, I was looking for."

And Salaam and Samerfild benefit, which brought them the franchise, but Salome advise that franchising is not for everyone. "If you are truly independent type and prefer to perform another tune, franchising may not be the best option for you," – he said.

Other elements to be considered when you jump in the franchise include:

o Tariffs for the franchise: franchise fee to & # 39 is a mandatory part of owning a franchise. These fees Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from franchise to franchise, but usually Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from $ 20,000 to $ 35,000.

o Royalties: there is usually a monthly fee for royalties, which is based on a percentage of your sales.

o Command: Franchisees must act in accordance with the rules and regulations that their franchisor sets.

o Mandatory purchase: You may need to buy materials or inventory in a reliable source. It supports product consistently and often save money by franchisees, but some may also be undesirable.

o Treaty of termination if the rules are not respected, the franchise can be seized from a franchisee and their franchise agreement may be terminated.

"Franchising has a great potential and promises of rewards," Salameh said. "But, as in all of life, you have to really want it!"


Ham radio operators to trace APRS (automatic system of reporting packages)


As a trained suras & # 39; severe storm (not a fan) I need to make accurate reports on the situation, when I do suras & # 39; serious shtormovyya reports designed the National Weather Service and the leadership of the Emergency Situations district (usually in the middle of a call 9-1- 1). In teaching, we report the distance and direction from the nearest major intersection. Here, the problem can enter into the equation.

These reports are carried out through the wireless network "Ham". It is assumed that we, for example, clearly pronounce the names of roads that are close to us. And we know the difference between being on the street, road, avenue, etc .. This, of course, provided that we can see the signs in the pouring rain, darkness and wind, through which we will pass. The next proceeding with & # 39 is the assumption of the distance and direction from the nearest intersection. How accurate is this a storm? Then comes the question card placement. It has a map that the person you share your location, the level of detailed maps needed to find ways of which you are reporting? More importantly, whether or not all the communication networks the same level of detailed maps?

Introducing pleasant solution – APRS (Automatic system for packages of reports) Connects to the GPS sensor on the one hand and the leading radio on the other hand, the ATS (terminal node controller) transmits any glad operator leading lines (in the range of about 50) feet) (effective) Card Google on the Internet. Anyone, anywhere that has an internet connection (and many with only the radio station "Cham" without an Internet connection), you can specify the exact location, height and direction of movement (at least) almost instantaneously. Since Google Maps scale to the different levels, the desired level of detail – it is only a click or two.

The path of travel is also automatically snaps. Beautiful bright blue line connects the red dots that represent transmitting APRS devices point. Very nice feature map Google APRS (see. Example http://APRS.FI on site) occurs when the mouse pointer hovers over one of the red points of transmission. C & # 39 is a single red line that shows which of the broadcast radio transmission heard. With this information, you can follow the route data from the GPS device to the Internet.

Another nice feature is the provision of information via digital transmission to the National Weather Service is that many people who have access to the Google Internet maps can display information simultaneously.

As a note, to Facebook – the social network – now have APRS application that makes the APRS maps available of all your friends with a single click on your page in Facebook! One of the possible applications – National Service out & # 39; I – to be friends for all suras & # 39; oznyh thunderstorms. Then they will have these data available to the press of a button!


Four ways to always have a painting in the works


With so many distractions, as labor and household responsibilities can be difficult to have on hand the idea to always have a painting in the works. Most often the hardest part of creating a new original art. I learned many techniques from my writings, which certainly can be applied to the artist who wants to create the new, original painting. Here are four methods of blogging, which can fit into the world of the artist.

1. Keep a calendar feature.

I knew the list of his paintings of paintings that I have always wanted to do. For whatever reason, some take it on paper, others – no. Now, this list grew long ago. As in my blogging, I created a table of artistic ideas, so in a matter of days, I want to draw, but do not know where to start. Just a few words can cause the same emotions that caused the first idea. To really get the motivation, I planned them over to make sure I get to the studio.

2. Pazbiraytsesya to your magazine was perfect for everyone.

As I learned while writing my first mystery, you never know when there are ideas. Muse so difficult. A few days she had nothing to say. On other days she chatter. To make sure that I never miss ideas, I always have a handy Moleskine with me to remove what he says Muse. Do not dress and tell me what you remember. It does not always work well.

3. Maintain a reference photo file.

I often look through the links section on and other sites that link to the photo, such as MorgueFile. Many times, I need to take your brush. In another case, I push the image to save it for later, for example, if I have the mood for a still life.

Background images also serve another purpose. I like to keep the reference images for the things that I can add to the picture, such as vegetables for a still life or a cow for the agricultural scene. If the ideas start coming, I work best when I can sight soon.

4. Start the current streak.

Every time I travel, I make a lot of pictures. I took notes. From this information, I will create a series of paintings, or at least ideas. Part of the area on which I travel, provide ideas. County Door County, Wisconsin, with & # 39 is such a place. A lot of small cottages and homes homes gives many ideas. I took a few pictures of the gate that I'll be back again and again. This is good medicine for the days that I want to travel to a favorite place.

Sometimes it helps to the left brain. Although the plan seems to contradict styhiynastsi art, getting the handle in your thoughts and ideas can help you to always have in the works of art.


Big apple bagels – Review of the franchise


Big Apple Bagels – it franshyzavaya network frantaznyh cafes, based in Deerfield, Illinois, USA. Its parent company BAB Inc. He is selling it as one of the three brands of its products, as well as coffee Brewster & My Favorite Muffin. Today the restaurant Big Apple Bagels has more than 130 franchise stores and is located in more than 26 states across the United States, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Aovu, Kentucky, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, Michigan, New York. Jersey, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

Big Apple Bagels offers a city atmosphere with a taste of the big city. They serve stuffed sandwiches, stuffed Bublikov sandwiches, bagel sandwiches with pizza, salads, soups, and breakfast items, the most popular muffins and bagels. Other options – scrambled eggs, omelets, coffee and smoothies.

Big Apple Bagels offers quick service everyday, but the cozy atmosphere, where you can book a trip. In addition, they offer options for gift baskets that are very useful.

From 1993 to date, Big Apple Bagels continues to grow into a nationally acclaimed restaurant franchisor concept with additional products, smart investment levels and innate competitive advantage as a low cost producer in this segment.

Big Apple Bagels opened for franchising. The company's goal – to help you achieve perfection in every aspect of your business. This ambitious goal, you and your key staff receive extensive training, which covers all areas of operations and marketing. It also provides ongoing support which includes help in selecting a site, location and restaurant design, coordination with national and regional suppliers, equipment, goods and services harmonization of tariffs and grand opening marketing campaign.

With an initial franchise fee of $ 25,000 USD franchise agreements granted for 10 years and can be restored. for the royalty fee is 5% of gross sales. Previous experience of the restaurant is also preferred for the franchisee. He also takes a minimum of $ 300 000 net worth and available investment capital in the amount of 75 000 dollars for a seat. Approximately franshyzavanym control unit requires more than 15 employees. You get the benefit of the correspondence form of ownership, as 80% of its franchisees with a & # 39 are the owners or operators.

Big Apple Bagels has always been largely focused on the level of support that it provides to its franchisees and the importance of open lines of communication to strengthen the strong ties the franchise. Franchisee can always count on the company and together will monitor its position in the industry and do their best to keep up with the benefits of consumers.

There is no doubt that this is the right place and the right time. Companies need people need to grow with them. If you have the desire and ambition to succeed, such a company that specializes in franchising as Big Apple Bagels – it's just the perfect business for investment.

When searching for any business is very important, especially given today's market, look for specific ways to minimize or reduce overhead and risk. Any business is risk, but it is important to be fully aware of & # 39; volume of investments, start-up costs, and "ROI" (return on investment).

Most people are not aware that 80% of all franchise begins a failure in the first two to five years leaving large debts that hang over the next years.

One way and in my opinion, the best way to cut overhead, startup and investment costs – is to take advantage of the new era of entrepreneurship and start a business from the comfort of your home. The Internet market with & # 39 there are opportunities that create millionaires every day. Learn more about the exciting opportunities associated with a business model that begins profitable by visiting:


What benefit do you get from GPS?


Global Positioning System – a navigational aid, funded and controlled by the US.

Protection Board. Since GPS systems utilize 24 satellites that orbit the earth at

in the scheme of the network there are always six to eight satellites

to deal with any situation on the ground at any one time. What it does is

give the average consumer the ability to find any place on earth at any time of the day or

night. Think what benefits it gives a wide variety of public.

Some of the benefits that we can get from the GPS, with the & # 39 are:

Fuel economy: If you want to maximize fuel economy, you need a product

The GPS system. Saving money at the pumps as well as wear and tear of your car

should be one of the main reasons why you would want to have a good GPS system in your

vehicle. Exact directions of movement not only saves time in the daily

travels, but also save considerable money on gas when traveling from place

place. This is particularly important for the delivery and chickens & # 39; erskay service.

instructions: Using the GPS system will give you a clear indication

for travel. Weather & # 39; e you are traveling locally, across the country or in the world

a clear direction and constant monitoring of your current position. I would not

Think to take another family vacation without a GPS system in my car.

rest: Weather & # 39; e you camp or hiking, handheld GPS tool will

benefit you. I can not imagine a trip to the middle of the forest, not

be able to find your way out. The news is filled with daily reports of people

(Or children) who go hiking in the woods or desert, and can not find his way back

home or camping. Unit GPS – is the answer for these people.

marine: If you've ever watched one of the popular fishing show on the T.V.,

or you are a fisherman or a sailor, then you know how GPS benefit you.

Get lost in the sea or a large lake there would be no fun. The other side of the coin

Fisherman, for instance, that on any lake in the world have a great hot spot

specific location can be saved in your GPS system and found again at any time. it

can benefit the recreational or professional fisherman.

tracking: If you work with chickens & # 39; erskim business, rental, or a simple delivery

service, and you need to keep track of multiple vehicles, then you need a GPS. management

track your vehicles will keep the top down. The second end to the & # 39 is to keep track

family member track & # 39; and or a child, GPS tracking system will help in your efforts.