Kansas Golf Vacations – Wolf Creek Golf Course

I played at Wolf Creek Golf Links, Inc. , Which is located in Olathe, Kansas two weeks ago in a Kansas City Cup match, and I must say it's a very beautiful golf course. We won the match, which may have made it much better, but I thought publishing my review of the tournament while it was still fresh in my mind.

If you do not know about Wolf Creek or have not heard about it, then you are on the way to treatment. First of all, it is the only club for men. This literally means women are not allowed. Bartenders are men. Girls chariot men. Everyone there is a man. It's actually a strange experience, but I think some people are looking for this kind of environment.

Only men make them an exclusive golf course, 100% private (except for events like the KC Cup, where we played due to coordination). I don't know exactly what fees are required to become a member, but depending on the format of the course, I'm sure it's pretty big.

The course itself, although located in Olat, Kansas is very isolated. It is located in the far south of Olat, in the middle of a group of fields. Isolation provides great calm and a great golf experience.

Driving up to the course is not a great experience as you might have in some other exclusive places. The club is modest, not too expensive or shoddy. There is a bar, room, and dining room, among others (after the tour, I looked at a poker table located at the back of a room filled with masters playing in what I would assume was a friendly match). The course is restricted, but again, it is not separated from something exclusive as is rumored.

I think the reason why the club and facilities are so modest is twofold. First, with only the players out there, how big should it be? Isn't it nice enough just to say you belong to a golf club with all males? Second, on track shape – it was awesome – it looks like all of their money is due to the maintenance and development of the golf course itself.

Starting, the range was very nice. It's grass, it's a bunch of balls created in spherical bags at each station (about 20 stations), and they have a bunch of bags filled with luxury belts. Out of range, you hit many different sticks of flag in many different yards. It was in great shape.

If you've ever played here, putting some players on the green is a must. The greens are solid, fast and beautifully cut. They get right, but get used to each other because they're faster than the average green. For me, honestly, on the day we played, I thought the vegetables were marginally fast. But I think this was because we played early this season. In the middle of summer, I could see them fast fast.

As for the cycle itself, there are a lot of ripples and a lot of holes with little or no ripples. There are two types of triple cement in particular, one on the nine front, and one on the back, I particularly like. The first one was a little slope with the water guarding the front side and the right side of the green (everyone lost the long number and left). The third level sits at the height of the box square before descending from what should be at least 100 feet to green. It's a great looking shot.

Overall, I would rate 9 out of 10. The course was great from tee to green, and I had a great time. The only thing that kept her from being ten years old was that dazzling factor (although one of my opponents was a former all-star player in the league – he was awesome – and he was a decent golfer). It was a very nice tournament, but when I finished it, I didn't feel like a different golfer – that's what ten takes from me.