The entrance to America – on Ellis Island


Manhattan became known as the "island of happiness". Many Europeans have sold everything they had, and even borrowed to pay for travel to the United States. Some were denied entry and threatened with deportation. The decision whether to stay or return to the favorite, was both emotional and traumatic. Payment for coming to America was great, but also great risks.

The harbor was full of ships. Travelers waiting for the landing, as they approached the city's skyline. They became the surprised look on large skyscrapers and views of Lady Liberty. As they stood in the dock, they will be marked with identification numbers. They observed signs of disease or infirmity or mental illness. When they found any of these symptoms, they were marked with chalk writing on the back. Through the confusion and shuffling, and in different languages, they moved through the labyrinth of passageways. Medical and legal expertise of doctors conducted a button. They wanted to disrupt the eyelids to check for trachoma, a disease common in southern and eastern Europe. Those who it was, got chalk on the back "E" and sent back.

About eight-tenths survived and moved on to the final exam test with an immigration inspector. After answering all the questions interpreter their names were checked with the ship. If they got a landing card, they would go to the foreign exchange booth to exchange their foreign money into US dollars. The Americans were handed a travel agent or the railroad that went away. Many could not speak in English, asked for help to the help of the community.

After filing for naturalization, memorizing a few fundamentals of the US government, an oral exam and, finally appeared before the judge oath. Many obstacles to learning a new language and culture were huge for new citizens. Due to the different languages ​​they were going in sections of fast-growing cities. This gave rise to such ethnic neighborhoods, like the Jewish Quarter in New York on the East Side. German and French religious refugees found freedom in the heart of the Midwest, for example, in Pennsylvania. Many Scandinavians arrived in Minnesota and Wisconsin. New York, Boston and other cities have increased dramatically the East Coast. Chicago, St. Louis and Omaha also grew. Eight million people have arrived in the US in the period from 1870 to 1924. In Detroit, Philadelphia and Newark settled many new citizens.

Many immigrants were happy to find a job and citizenship in a new country. Equal opportunities were given to all the big promises to improve themselves. They walked from the cheap labor for the educated and successful individuals.


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