Recent developments Airport on Long Island MacArthur


1. Reduce the numbers:

MacArthur Airport on Long Island, belonging to the town of Islip, since its inception caught in a vicious cycle. Airlines have long been reluctant to provide services due to lack of passengers, while the passengers are reluctant to use the airport because the airline does not provide the service they are looking for. Over the past six months is a & # 39; reality actually strangled him.

Although 1.8 million passengers in the eastern part of the reservoir Nassau and Suffolk commit an average of 3.7 annual trips, these favorable facts ends here, since only 25 percent of them use the MacArthur for his travels. Increasing to 50 per cent if we consider only non-stop service, this statistic underlines the benefits for the carriers if they provide it.

Indeed, during the five-year period from 2007 to 2012 the number of annual departures was reduced from 14 874 to 7930, which was the steepest decline of all US airports are medium in size, that almost brought about the & # 39; facility on Long Island to the status of 1999 Southwest Airlines led the last growth cycle.

In addition to the victim of the recession and the increase in fuel costs, as well as the other terminals, it has historically been forced to work in the shadow of the three major airports in New York, thus using almost the same market base, but it is almost exclusively based on a single carrier, southwest, for his service. In addition, the growing trend towards airline consolidation results in a smaller number of potential suppliers of aviation services, almost all of which in the past operated from the airport, while the current fuel prices made the profitability of their operations unprofitable regional jet, which caused the cancellation of carriers that kogda it provides vital moves, such as the South-East Atlantic (ASA) in Atlanta, cameras in Cincinnati and Continental Express in Cleveland.

Selecting a deviation from the operating philosophy of the undervalued, high prices, secondary airports at which it was founded, and in response to passenger demand for a large presence in the market, Southwest gradually rebuild the aviation assets of the smaller and larger cities, in order to maximize profits, but dismantled. Most of Islip market he created the cultivated.

Confronting this evaluation, the South-West has shown that this strategy reflects a system-wide change in the industry, rather than those that are limited to MacArthur.

Long Island market includes factors that are beyond the scope of system-wide trends in the industry. Driven additional slots obtained at the airport La Guardia AirTran after acquisition, southwest itself increased the frequency and direction of the airport with a higher yield and load factor.

Having made a rush 34 daily departures from Long Island, it gradually reduced its presence by stopping the service in its two targeted cities – namely, Nashville and Las Vegas – thus removing them related flights.

By the time the service is "Chicago-Midway" was stopped and moved to La Guardia in June 2012, its number of flights is almost halved to 18.

Although he attributed to revive the airport, it largely became a barrier to its growth. Because of its dominance and low tariff structures, he served as a deterrent to other airlines that are considering it services, especially on routes, for example, in Florida, on which it has a monopoly. However, how to walk on a tightrope, city officials Islip consistently making significant efforts to maintain close ties with the airline as well as the future of the airport depends on it.

However, the future depends on the numbers of flights and passengers. It also depends on the financial and they were optimistic. For example, for a three-year period from 2010 to 2012, the airport has lost nearly $ 4.2 million, forcing him to use the money raised from the sale of a plot of land on the site of the railway road in Long Island $ 11 million in 2009 to compensate for the deficit, as well as attracting business to the rental shop windows inside the terminal; the first to introduce a common aviation duty; and reduce the number of employees, as well as overtime.

But for breaking strategies need a lot more to achieve the strategy. Based on the conditions prevailing, is there?

2. Improved infrastructure and proposals:

C & # 39 As the economic engine of the region, MacArthur Airport on Long Island can continue to operate only if the city Islip looking for innovative ways to bring the airline, which it feeds, so he implemented a number of infrastructure improvements for this.

On the bank of the road realignment of road transport by 10.6 million dollars, the construction of which began in September 2011, it was decided to transfer and organize traffic, and provides for the introduction of the island on the side of the building and the 750-futovaga canopy to facilitate passengers boarding. outputs and pickups from both the private and from public transportation. The project also included the lighting, drainage and checkpoint vehicle.

Financed from fees for use by passengers, collected from the sale of tickets was completed two years later, on January 10 and 300,000 dollars under budget.

Another project land transport occurred in the western part of the airport, on Avenue Smitaun. As a result, wear 52000 square feet of old and unattractive designs made of wood, steel and concrete blocks, it was designed to attract entrepreneurs and operators who are deterred by the existing fever.

Of the three fixed base operators, Sheltair agreed to invest $ 20 million over a seven-year period in exchange for a 40-year lease 25 hectares of the 36, that paves the way for the construction of office 29,000 square feet and 161,000 square feet. hangar space.

ExcelAire also signed a 40-year lease, similarly obliging $ 4.5 million to upgrade its facilities. Recently bought in Charleston, South Carolina, the company Hawthorne Global Aviation, a corporate jet service communication took down the building next door and planned to add 32,000 square feet of office and hangar, to be able to accommodate a new generation of super-large business jets. Such as the Bombardier Global Express, Gulfstream 650 and Falcon 7X.

At the airport, aeronautical Mid-Island was at the request of its own lease and agreement on repairs.

Mirror rearrangement along a roadside of the road was a rearrangement takeoff distance. Grant Airport $ 4.5 million, of which 95 percent came from the FAA, and the remaining five per cent – from the state and the City Department of Transportation, helping to streamline the aircraft, follow the taxi towards runway 33L strip, cutting speed, and time fuel consumption. The project involved the extension of the road B, rearrangement taxi E, and setting signs airfield pavement markings, and light.

The orders were awarded Rosemar Contract of Patchogue (road construction), JKL Engineering of Maryland (steering road travel), Savik and Murray of Ronkonkoma (removal of obstacles on the runway and the supply of equipment).

Other projects, from short-term, medium and long-term master plans for the airport include the light rail-crossing to connect the terminal to the railway station of the Long Island and extension to 7,000 feet. – with a second runway to increase the security of existing operations and to attract new, distant.

even the airport transformation was proposed to the international gateway. Initiating a public campaign to this end, June 10, 2013, Senator Charles Schumer, a longtime defender of Macarthur, held a press conference to urge the US Customs and Border Patrol to create a single gateway to carriers could start flights to the Bahamas. and Aruba, are often popular tourist destinations of sun and sand.

The company encouraged concerned letters Mexican carrier Interjet, and FlyA, similarly priced, but the proposed European operator of long-range, can greatly expand the scope of the airport.

Despite the fact that the Office of Homeland Security Department regularly checks the need for such requests, his own resources have been stretched out, and hardly could be used by potential and do not need to & # 39 facilities, adequately equipped airports in New York themselves could immediately to accommodate these flights without infrastructure changes.

These ambitious proposals have created their own situation "Catch-22", which resembles the emergency and passenger airport loop. Although they could attract new carriers and routes, it was almost impossible to justify their costs, if the traffic decline is hardly required current.

3. Airlines:

Although these infrastructure upgrades and future proposals could improve the current carriers & # 39; work experience, in the end, it was the town of Islip to attract airlines pumped vitality into regional airports Long Island. So he has made some significant efforts to do so.

A. Existing airlines:
Rearranging his plane at La Guardia Airport, south-west, whose last presence was only a shadow of its peak, hardly able to increase the frequency or open the service to new areas under existing economic conditions.

Nevertheless, he emphasized its continued commitment to the regional airfield. Although the position of the 25-year contract could theoretically allow it to stop all services after a decade, he was not planning to do so.

Despite a significant deviation from the other 68-percent load factors, which he had two years ago, it was intermittently increased to the current 92 as a result of a strategy to reduce services. And, despite the fact that the simultaneous presence of La Guardia and MacArthur, seemed to dilute the same market, their respective focus on business and leisure dispelled this perception.

Nevertheless, the city Islip succeeded in negotiating a new service – with other existing carrier, US Airways.

As MacArthur was the original tenant – and therefore longer, who served then "Alegheni", which later was converted, USAir resumed trouble-free service in the National Washington Reagan after the introduction of the terrorist attacks in 2001, flight restrictions forced cancel the original one. The route, the second then to Philadelphia, contributed summing slots with Delta at LaGuardia.

Noting the first of two daily 50-passenger regional jet CRJ-200, operated Air Wisconsin March 25, 2012, the airport fire engines dubbed it a water screen after his landing at 12:50.

In accordance with messenger , Mayor Tom walks Islip said: & # 39; & # 39; I look forward to working with our Senators and Congressmen to ensure that the value of our city, the MacArthur Airport in Long Island, get the necessary attention and resources to realize their full potential. & # 39; & # 39;

Providing a vital link in the center of the capital and depriving the need for trains traveling from the south-west of Baltimore in the southwest, the aircraft converted at 13:28.

Senator Charles Schumer said that the new compound is only confirmed that Long Island has been untapped market. Despite the fact that US Airways is carried out only between six and seven per cent of its movement, it was considered disproportionately important because of the nature trails, and a business-oriented center.

B. New airline:
Building upon existing carriers before entering the service was only one side of the coin the city. Attracting new and others have been, and for this purpose the Long Island Association, the largest business and civic organization, has expressed interest in the potential of service by sending a letter by three carriers: the above Airways, and JetBlue and Air Canada.

Despite the fact that the south-west of stimulating demand and expansion of the airports he originally left his mark on the MacArthur during most of the past decade, its cancellation to reverse this trend, and JetBlue, the same type of the original single, low-paid, the minimum surplus of Carrier was It provided the same positive effect.

Blocking areas of New York, present in three major airports in New York City and two secondary, White Plains & # 39; In Vestchester County, and Stewart International airports in the State of Newburgh, Islip was one of three new directions that he recently saw.

Schumer, instrumental in its original New York service in the late 1990s, which placed her 75 slots in exchange for a real profitable routes considered airfield Long Island "missing piece of the puzzle" for JetBlue. He, along with the previous mayor Islip, Phil Nolan, stressed their support for working with the carrier and the state and local authorities to complete the transaction.

Schumer himself, CEO of JetBlue, Dave Barger, was a three-hour trip to the airport, which is a & # 39 is a neodymium & # 39; emnay part of the carrier's assessment procedures. Passing the 30 passengers who left Schumer introduced him and advised him that he was trying to persuade him to the inauguration of the service, causing spontaneous applause.

Due to & # 39; combined, 2.9 million people in the counties of Nassau and Suffolk, Barzher region considered "decent town", but because the Caribbean has made a target growth zone airline, airport, he found the Caribbean airport. and Latin demography is favorable.

While JetBlue largely reflects its rival in the southwest, these methods, at least with respect to a & # 39 facility on Long Island, became the image plyavannya. Having won an auction for the eight slots at the airport of La Guardia, he took advantage of the capacity of the aircraft instead of his New York counterparts.

Despite the disappointing result seemed, Barzher stressed that, given optimal conditions, Islip service was not a matter of "when, but when."

Another airline, which was the city, which has already expressed interest in the service of Islip, – Air Canada.

Marketing studies have shown that 58 percent of passengers in the reservoir caused the airport arrivals to Canada, while more than 30 industrial parks, which occupy 4200 hectares within the control of the town of Islip, further increased the need for. such a route. In 2011, New York State, bilateral trade with this country amounted to 34.8 billion dollars.

In particular, communication in Toronto was considered a win-win strategy. Since the 60th cross-border communication airline, she could afford it with the continuous operation of the airport and air space, minimizing fuel costs and delay, while passengers will have access to the main assembly, which facilitates Canadian, European and Asian flights . As already acted prior clearance of immigration and customs facilities in Canada, MacArthur did not have any changes.

But again, the dominance of La Guardia just drove him to the footnotes. Since WestJet, its strongest competitor, has just received eight slots at the airport in New York, it was more sensible to concentrate their assets are there to try and keep its market share, than transfer them to Long Island.

On the basis of Penair Alaska, the penultimate carrier, with which the city studied the new services brought more fruit.

As a result, achieved the Plan encourage air carriers of the FAA, which included the reduction of fees for any new entrants or existing, that establish new routes, the agreement resulted in savings of 120,000 US dollars for the cost of office rent, maintenance and landing – or two years. equivalent to the condition that he continued to service two years later.

July 25, 2013 PenAir opened two daily circular trip with the same turbavitrovym equipment, replacing the Business Express Express and the next American Eagle Saab 340 services at Boston-Logan, but stopped in 2008. system expands routes in the north-east, which included Bar Harbor, and Presque Plattsburg.

Flights took off at 8:40 am and 7:10 pm from origin to Boston at 7 am and 17:30. Fares for one-way entry was set at $ 119.

The last carrier who contacted Allegiant Air, equally brought his wings on Long Island.

"In a press release of the report" on the basis of the Las Vegas Allegiant Travel Company "is focused on the introduction of the travelers in small cities to places world-class recreation. The company provides a low tariff and high performance passenger airline through its subsidiary Allegiant Air, and also offers other products, related to travel, such as hotel rooms, car rentals and flights. "

After market research identified the need for an air service on the west coast of Florida, the city of Islip refused carrier that demographics found itself advantageous, determined August 20, 2013. This would be the 99th city in the USA, which served as one of the 14 holiday destinations.

"Мы рады дадаць пляжы паўднёвага захаду Фларыды як даступны і зручны варыянт прызначэння для жыхароў Лонг-Айленда", – гаворыцца ў прэс-рэлізе. "Мы ўпэўненыя, што супольнасць ацэніць зручнасць палёту нон-стоп у Пунта-Горду".

Прапаноўваючы $ 69 у адзін бок і $ 99 уступны кошт, алегіят адкрыў Пунта-Горду / Ft. Абслугоўванне Майерса праз чатыры месяцы, 20 снежня, з 166 пасажырамі MD-80, якія працуюць у якасці палёту 999 і вылецелі ў 7:20 вечара, дата лічыцца парогам традыцыйнага сезона свята і зімы ў Фларыдзе.

Зыходзячы з адказу, дадатковы сезонны і круглы год паслугі Myrtle Beach, Санкт-Луіс Санкт-Пецярбург, Арланда, Ft. Ладэрдейл і Лас-Вегас будуць разглядацца.

4. Бягучая служба:

Перш чым аэрапорт Мак-Артур на Лонг-Айлендзе зможа аказаць эканамічны ўплыў на рэгіён, для гэтага патрэбна дастатковая паветраная служба. Аднак, з 23 вылетаў, прапанаваных да студзеня 2014 года, два з якіх нават не былі штодзённымі, гэтая мэта наўрад ці дасягнута.

Паўднёвы захад, па-ранейшаму дамінуючая авіякампанія, прапанаваў пяць рэйсаў у Балтымор, тры ў Арланда, два ў Ft. Ладэрдейл, два – на Уэст-Палм-Біч, адзін – у Тампа, або ў агульнай складанасці 13, якія эксплуатуюцца 737-700 самалётамі. Гэта было толькі на адзін больш, чым было прапанавана ў 1999 годзе, калі ён распачаў аэрапорт апошнім перыядам росту, вярнуўшы яго да вытокаў.

US Airways, апорны пункт з часоў службы Allegheny, прапаноўваў чатыры штодзённыя рэйсы дэ-Хавіленда DHC-8 праз рэгіянальны перавозчык П'емонта ў Філадэльфію і два ў Вашынгтон з рэгіянальным рэактыўным абсталяваннем Bombardier CRJ-200 з Air Wisconsin.

PenAir звязваў Бостан з двума вылетамі Saab 340, а Allegiant Air звязваў поле Лонг-Айленда з двума штотыднёвымі паслугамі MD-80 да Ft. Майерс / Пунта Горда.

Аднаўленне важных дзелавых сувязей з Бостанам і Вашынгтонам, кожны з якіх два рэйсы, якія змяшчаюць 50 і менш пасажыраў, дазволіў падарожнікам пазбегнуць перагрузак і пераездаў, звязаных з Ла-Гвардыяй, і стаў крокам у правільным кірунку. Але гэта быў толькі дзіця. Калі Мак-Артур на Лонг-Айлендзе зноў перарасце ў рэгіянальнага пастаўшчыка, пажынаючы ўласную эканамічную ўстойлівасць за кошт пасадкі, эксплуатацыі, офіса, канцэсіі і платы за паркоўку, яму патрэбна значна большая ін'екцыя паветранага абслугоўвання.


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