Language Learning for hopelessly busy people


As a young life was dedicated to the school and related student debt. There was a lot of problems, such as work, children, maintaining a home and other adult responsibilities. In adulthood, you have goals and interests, and speaking in a foreign language can be one of them. For most languages, it takes about 1,000 hours of training to having all the necessary time, we can realistically speak a new language, if your schedule is already full?
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Productive way to learn the language and to strengthen skills, if time is limited – it is Use halostymi minutes, downtime, travel and waiting times . During the trip, or to work on the job, use these moments to listen to podcasts or music in a language that you are learning again.
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If you are again at an advanced level, listen to audio books in this language. Even if you passively listen to music in a different language, you learn new vocabulary, and the music – a great benefit memory. In anticipation of the meeting, or standing in a queue, use the app to learn the language on your phone or tablet to pass the time. Short training period – a small reinforcement, which vastly increase your memory.
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Read for 15 minutes each day. If you like the book in English, try to read it in another language. You do not need to read it word for word; understanding of the storyline and get acquainted with the structure of supply and new vocabulary will have an impact.
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In addition, you will get great pleasure and confidence after reaching such an impressive goal. Of course, reading a novel – this one sentence. It is important to read something, anything that you are interested in: magazines, comic books, romance novels, all that will motivate you to read every day. In fact, read 15 minutes each day puts you at more than one million words each year .
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If reading a book does not interest you, watch your favorite movie in the language you are learning . You may already know the story, and this time you will be able to follow the dialogue with more understanding.
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If desired, use subtitles. Games and puzzles also productive use of their time, and there are unlimited options on the internet. How about participating in chat in the foreign language ? They not only provide practical experience of communication, they are also & # 39 are an excellent source for potential foreign friends. The aim here & # 39 is the inclusion of language learning during the holidays.
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Have you ever tried the inclusion of the five senses in your language learning ? This can be done wherever you are. Every time you feel the taste, smell, touch, feeling, or vbachenne something new or interesting, think about these feelings in the new language. Interacting with your feelings, you teach yourself to think more in the new language, rather than your dominant language. That’s why so many language learning is moving rapidly while traveling in foreign countries. They begin to hear and see more foreign words than the words of their language. In the end, their brain ceases to pass on their language and begin to think in the new language. For example, brush teeth, talk to each other (silence or loud) of mint flavor toothpaste how feels fresh mouth, the color of the toothbrush bristles is felt on the gums like feel smooth teeth as the foam becomes toothpaste water and a brush. Include your feelings in simple tasks, thinking in the language you are learning again. Do not worry about mistakes. Think of words and sentences, and let you be free.
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To complement the study of language during a busy day, practice these achievable approaches that will keep you on your way to escape. You can do it! Interest in foreign languages ​​is beneficial and opens up new possibilities to your world, so do not let time constraints limit your ability to speak a new language.


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