Establishment of technology – the relationship between you and your child


The parents of many of the child. In English, nouns are not enough to accurately describe the numerous and diverse roles that parents perform in children's lives. At all of them – from the chef to the coach and fan to the history of the reader. In short, parents are still their children. The only thing they are, especially in the division – a presence. The child must feel that they are, wherever they may be, their parents. Being in the presence of a child's life – a lot of work, regardless of the dynamics and the situation in your family & # 39; and. When the divorce is very important to maintain the presence of a strong and consistent. Fortunately, today technology offers parents more ways to communicate with their children when they are apart.

Configure two houses difficult and make the effort to provide children with a reminder of your presence in their lives, provide a better transition. The main reminder that will give the child comfort and safety when alone – a picture of their parents, special people and places in their lives. Buying a digital camera of good quality for themselves and for the child – a good investment. Now they're doing the camera, which the children can use it to your kindergarten. Shooting their homes, pets, rooms and friends can be the beginning of the album, which can grow as they grow and can become a special project, which you can share with your child. Selecting the album, which can be personalized, and a selection of pictures theme can be fun for all of you.

Travel around and photographing places special for your child can be a special walk for the whole family & # 39; and. Many programs allow you to upload images in the format of notes and add captions and titles. For parents who are not creative, simple album with pictures that will be traveling with a child between the houses, could become an element of stability in life. Visual images – even this venerable child.

As well as the visual image to stimulate children's senses, hearing records can cause a feeling of safety and comfort. Now available are very intelligent versions of books that can be recorded, and you can record your voice while reading your favorite stories. But we must not be limited to stories. A small digital voice recorder is easy to use, and you can record a good and thoughtful posts.

The cooperation of parents to display images and play back messages is important. Some couples who divorce may find this an easy area to negotiate when they hold their children's well-being at the forefront. Your mediator in divorce can help you develop any complications. Bringing these medicines, which in the beginning may not seem huge, it may prevent them from becoming a real problem. Remember that when it comes to your children, then no problem or problems are not too small.


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