10 things I hate about video conferencing


In these difficult economic times, business is difficult to survive. So if you are looking for ways to maintain their competitive advantage …

Check out these 10 things I hate about video conferencing:

1) I live in Wisconsin, and the winters are hard. I like to go to a trip to sunny California to get out of the frozen tundra! Therefore, meeting the Internet makes my warm winter trip less likely.

2) Sometimes I would miss his "seen" on the camera … especially when I'm working at home, taking care of her sick child. Video conferencing easier time for the face – at any place and at any time.

3) Less than the cost of business for tax write-offs. Cash features conferences by 68% or more at the expense of business, such as payment for conference calls, long distance and international calls, chickens & # 39; erskiya board, gas and insurance costs each year.

4) I have to deal with a large number of customers, suppliers and remote employees, because it is easier to communicate on the Internet and more.

5) The possibility of running into a higher tax bracket because Internet sales presentations easier and cheaper for you to double or triple their income.

6) More time to sit in meetings with the marketing plan to grow your business, as more than business as usual will effectively lead the Internet.

7) More training sessions, because it costs less to provide timely sales representatives, modern, online training on demand. Web conferencing significantly reduce training costs.

8) More meetings at all. Since the meeting on the Internet is so economical, you can turn the key decision-makers and employees – even if they are located around the world – to do their business.

9) Less exercise! Since you do not have to walk (or drive) to another building for a meeting, you will have better use of your time during the day.

10) It's worth the money! There is no doubt that video conferencing to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, good for the environment and beneficial to your being … but it is not free for all!


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