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(Original article below was published in the journal "Milwaukee's Law" in 2002. In the lower footnote -. This innovative changes in technology and the process after the initial publication.)

The introduction of computers in the judicial branch of the reporting in the mid seventies opened the door to many new products and services of the report, and ultimately create more opportunities for judicial razborshchykav. Automatic Transcription (CAT) – the process of converting a computer & # 39; computer shorthand notes of the reporter in English – with a & # 39; emergence of technologies that shaped the modern world wired statements. Like all other industries, the court reporter now with the & # 39 are part of a rapidly evolving, technologically advanced world of iPad, the Internet, etc. (1)

Below is a short script that includes a variety of services available at the present time from the technology firm that provides reliable information when making or finding the evidence, as well as a hearing or trial:

After tydnyavyh documents the discovery of all the parties begin a series of readings of the facts. Transcripts depazitsyi made on paper in full and short (up to 16 pages on a physical page), as well as digital versions of PDF (2) having indexed and artifacts associated with each instance in the range of indications for instant retrieval inASCII files available in many formats to search for text on a computer via the software for case management and trial presentation.(3) After a week attorney travels to a remote place, to descend witness. So removed the reporter can accurately transcribe in real time (a direct transcription of the spoken word, can be seen on the computer screen), the list of words that contain different unique dates of all previous deposits in the event that was previously an e-mail. Several opposing lawyers decided not to attend in person, but instead decided to get ASCII supply in real time, as well as video and audio through remote video conference. They live on their desktop computers in the office via a standard Internet connection, make personal annotations and chat on the Internet with the person making the objection as required by videoconference.(4) A lawyer was in a remote location, but still attended the sunset through your iPhone. According to the results depazitsyi, real-time channel is essentially a rough draft of the ASCII file, stored on computers attorneys to use in preparation for the next deposit (to prepare a certified transcript). An annotated version was transmitted by e-mail to an employee or colleague who made up the petition. (5) Video and audio are also stored online for immediate consideration. (6) A lawyer was in flight during Depp and views in real-time feed of text on the iPad via the Internet connection of the aircraft, which it could then notice on the plane, ready for the next depazitsyi.

Reporters are constantly planning was carried out using a secure login to online planning manager reporting planning, producing both electronic and paper confirmation.. and check the schedule of deposits reporters 24/7 network system. There were a few necessary information at the last minute, place delay, previous transcripts and exhibits that the lawyer was able to raise your iPad / iPhone with the mobile app. The exhibit, which is believed to be contained in a box big banker, was missing, but the application for smartphones has allowed access to this exhibit and to all other cases.

Who planned series of three statements of expert witnesses, two on Monday and Tuesday in New York, and one Wednesday in Los Angeles. The first two days must be carried out on a daily basis and in real time, when the expert department of the Los Angeles (among the witnesses) received both days reading live via video / audio / text transmission, as well as email rough draft ASCII conclusion of each day to prepare for depazitsyi. . Firm-report agreed with local businesses to obtain, print and deliver the transcript of an hour. LA trip We could not make the two defenders, so they received in real time relevant offices, where they are also viewed and participated in depazitsyi through remote video conference. videoconference also removed was used for the expert L., who had to leave his office, using an ordinary computer with a video camera and an Internet connection.

For all three experts to the production of "picture in picture" have been requested services in videotape to the witness and the documents to which they referred, can be viewed simultaneously. Then the video was synchronized with the ASCII text file, and exhibits also referred to the text. and stored on the DVD, the parts of which are to be used in the wide screen, for impeachment.

All lawyers are planning to receive a supply of transcripts in real time and verified by the daily transcripts of the trial, so that they have the necessary tools to produce witnesses and impeachment. Previous statements of all witnesses and the previously scanned documents are now documented in court on a computer & # 39; yuterah lawyers. If they find a transcript of the exhibit file, are missing, they can be immediately restored by connecting to the Internet to access the reporting campaign. One of the lawyers asked for a portable video file compatible with the trial presentation app for your iPad.

At the forefront of these technologies today is translated in real-time. As described above, this service is provided by counsel of immense help in the immediate tracking of evidence at the time of applications, trials on large business or any complex litigation, when a group of lawsuits should keep up with the events that occur (and make them available to students ). (9) In comparison with the cost of a night peak or a copy of the daily, in real time is actually less expensive mode. You still have the expenses related to the final certified transcript of the reporter, but you also want would be if you ordered a transcript of the peak; besides, in real time, there is already a rough version, when it comes to an end during the day. More features, time saving and less expensive – worth it!

How it works in real-time? Court reporter in real time secures their computer & # 39; yuteryzavanuyu stenagrafnuyu machine via cable or wirelessly to their laptop containing software that translates keystrokes with stenography machine to the global dictionary of words written by the reporter in her shorthand theory (10) . Stan keys, computer quickly crosses the blows dictionary reporter and reflects the match and "untranslated" (raw Stan, for which there is no overlap) on the computer screen. The same results are exported to a reporter in the computer software (LiveNote, Summing, CaseViewNet) attorney's computer monitoring, annotation, encoding and issuance of digestion.

Channel real-time is not changed, and will likely contain some errors. It is not appropriate and can not be used for treatment in the proceedings, because it is not a certified transcript.

Complex technical cases require that the reporter had prepared for real-time by inserting the unique terminology dictionaries, so they can create more accurate channels in real time. The more experienced and qualified reporter, the more developed vocabulary, the more controlled the speakers at the forum and the better the results in real time.

Be sure to ask a reporter with the skills which in real time, you already know or while traveling, ask a certified reporter in real time, which has been tested and certified by the National Association of court reporters. For more information about real-time and other reporting services, contact the reporting authority of the local court.

(1) It took a few years to the court reporters and industry reporting technologies to realize the benefits of using these new technologies. Today's court reporter can hardly exist without them.

(2) are connected (or hyperlink) documents – creates a connection to an external instrument immediately visible by clicking on it. Now a lawyer can review the transcript and view each exhibit, as referred to in the text.

(3) PDF-documents are currently dominant, the most universal file format that is used by computer users around the world to view text and graphics, which has become the standard for the last 10 years.

(4) Remote video conference calls violence in 2012 – the possibility of using videoconferencing technology between portable computing devices (iPad, laptops, etc.) and standard equipment for video conferencing (Polycom, Tandberg) via the Internet. Unlike Skype or Google Hangouts,-reports of companies use products that are encrypted for added security and stability.

(5) The legal deposit of video and audio can be stored in the cloud for immediate consideration by the Internet.

(6) Products such as TextMap, Summing and LiveNote exporting a document containing labor lawyer product (signs, annotations, etc.) that can be shared with team members.

(7) the business accounting firm providing Internet portals for the installation and tracking of deposits planning, download and view transcripts and exhibits, as well as access to the records and calendar.

(8) The flow of the video and the text makes it possible to visit the Deposit and view text in real-time from anywhere with an Internet connection.

(9) The requirement ODO federal government to in 2006 was closed the entire network television, it was the cause of the drain of talent reporters in real time, creating a deficit. Now there is competition between the companies providing the report, and the company signed for authors in real time. This disadvantage has stimulated the federal government to enact legislation that recently approve the financial subsidies to training / tytravyya training programs across the country. These schools now offer scholarships to encourage more students to start these programs to ADA mandates a closed broadcast can be realized.

(10) Who is the usual practice to get pitch in real time via Bluetooth wireless as an alternative to a wired connection.


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