Nelson Hernandez – smiling champion gold glove


It should be called "fearless Hernandez" for many reasons. First, he did not hesitate to enter the ring with a fighter of a higher rank. Secondly, he had best. Next, he showed strength and determination, fighting like a champion. Finally, he held a championship in the Golden Gloves to Wisconsin from 1982 to 1984.

Former champion gold gloves Nelson Hernandez was born in Puerto Rico. Inspired by two uncles and two of his best friends, he entered the ring at the age of fifteen, weighing 115 pounds, and has completed thirty-seven fights in weight. Hernandez eventually moved to Wisconsin and trained together with Israel Costa in the center of the & # 39; the combined public. Hernandez felt that every fighter must have a mentor and must be inspired by a person who is able to support, morally, physically and spiritually.

He felt that Costa was a teacher and his father; after all, he is currently helping Costa with children at a community center because of his love for boxing, respect for Costa and his desire that children succeed. He believes that successful people have to somehow help their communities. He also inspired the recording of Costa in the preparation of the big fighters such as Hector Colon, who eventually became a national champion. As a result, it is very impressive to other boxers to stay the winner and become the winner.

Hernandez took up professional boxing at the age of twenty-two years. His record of achievements covers the complete range of thirty-three professional fights, Youth middleweight champion at 139 pounds, three fights in the heavyweight middleweight champion at 147 pounds, and two fights as a junior average weight of 155 pounds. Most of his fights were tough, as he always fought with great boxers. His inspiration for the young soldier did not deviate from the other fighters; there is always a chance to win, which depends on the moment.

Hernandez explained that the most brutal fight that he ever had, against Leonardo Taunsendom from Chicago, who took 10th place in the world. Hernandez says. "I've gone ten rounds with him, and it was a fierce battle." He felt that the fight was a real learning experience, which he cherishes, and that every soldier must leave the fight, feeling that he had learned somehow useful.

Hernandez worked with outstanding coaches such as Al Mureland and Eddie Brooks in Wisconsin. His inspiring Sugar Ray Robinson, Roberto Duran, Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes. He met and shook hands with Muhammad Ali (born. Martsela Cassius Clay Jr.) in 1985. Hernandez fought in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minnesota and Canada. He also believes that experienced travel made it more experienced man of the world. He believes that everyone should make the effort to travel outside their area, rather than stay in one corner of the city or village, not knowing and not feeling the rest of the world that should be part of their education.

"My training was very strict, and my road work will start at about 4:00 am, starting with running, boxing in the shadows, sparring, sit-ups, jumping ropes, bags and pads," – says Hernandez. He went on to comment, alluding to the fact that his training usually ends around 7:00 pm, and he is not allowed to eat anything after 7:30 pm due to his diet. Hernandez believes his training and nutrition had a positive impact on his life, and for many years he maintained his good physical and mental health. He also impresses others to be mentally and physically strong enough to survive in this world.

As for lessons learned, he could have done better in the financial sector. After graduating from high school in the ninth grade at the time of his car & # 39; sphere in boxing sometimes taken advantage of by others who are deprived of information. Bills are before him & # 39; are: food, rooms in hotels, travel, etc., destroyed the income that he should receive. "However, I continued to struggle with high hopes for the opportunity to reach their goal one day as a champion", – says Hernandez.

Like others, he learned that boxing is not as glamorous as it looks on TV. There are a lot of behind the scenes action, is not specified. He feels that young men should not be naïve and should know that they can operate in different ways. In addition, they must be prepared for disappointment. However, they should take note of such things and to avoid such negative encounters in the future. Based on the experience firsthand, Hernandez had in mind that it would have been different if he knew then, as I have.

"Boxing for me was the kindness rescue" – says Hernandez. He made it clear that one of the main benefits that it has reached to participate in boxing, with the & # 39 is the preservation problems. Several of his friends are faced with legal problems and have not been good. Some of his friends were instituted in the criminal justice system after problems with law enforcement. He feels that the youth of today must keep positive and develop positive posture and a positive attitude towards others; in the end it is to refuse from the negative.

Regarding travel Hernandez laughed and commented that he had a great time in Canada and liked the culture and people. He portrayed, that the only thing he did not like was how they searched at the border. In the first visit, he had only the US currency and was not sure of the accuracy of transactions; but in the second trip he took only Canadian currency and felt much better when I came there. He fought with Chad Brysanam in 2002, champion of Canada, which was his last fight.

Hernandez went from boxing at the age of thirty-five years. He said the profit was not sufficient to keep me and my family & # 39; and. Now he works as a regular job. In addition, he prepares and teachers Angelo lightweight champion, attending university and are looking for a degree. As for the car & # 39; EASURES Angela Hernandez, he said: "I do not want him to exploit the system as I was I would like him to benefit from my experience first-hand.".


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