Take advantage of the travel budget to get more value from your overseas vacations

We all like to save money and when it comes time to travel overseas, it's not entirely different.

To save money on all the elements of your holiday, you have to learn how to create a travel budget.

It is not difficult to create a travel budget. The heaviest, fastest and most important part is abroad. When you create a travel budget, you can literally see much more planets for much less.

When you take the time, take advantage of many available resources and start planning in time, you can save a fantastic amount of cash in cash for renting travel vehicles, guest houses, flights, meals, and even the major attractions of the chosen destination.

Learning how to create a travel budget is easy. All you have to do is find out how much money you have to spend on your journey and how you want to commit, and what to do next.

The first point you should make is to sit down with your laptop or computer or use a credible old pencil and notebook to create a checklist.

The checklist should consist of the following items:

* Monthly household earnings
* Financial savings for households
* Monthly expenses of households (operating costs of households, etc.)
and from work, everyday meals and so on.)

So it's very easy to find out how much money you can postpone every month from your arrival. Just subtract the monthly expenses from the monthly income, and all that remains is the amount you can save on vacation each month.

Once you find your travel budget, you can start planning your vacation. It is important that you always keep this budget.

If you fail to comply with your travel budget, this may result in financial problems abroad. The Internet can be your best resource when planning budget holidays. Many of the major travel agencies, hotels, car rentals and cheap airlines create "on-line" offers.

You also want to find out when the peak season is for the place you have chosen to travel because you can save money by traveling in a serene season. Budget airlines, such as Air Asia, have different prices over a certain period of the year. In other words, during the high season you spend a lot more on tickets and hostels on the site of your trip than you would in the low season.

Trying to save cash on backpacking, like hotels and meals, is long ago something that every backpacker is trying to achieve.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses in different aspects of travel, some will have different aspects.

Cash saving begins with the way you pack your bag.

You have to find out how to be ruthless when packing for a cruise trip in particular.
Most airlines now charge expensive prices if your luggage exceeds that excess baggage. So if your luggage is overweight, it will cost you money!

You can save money by staying in cheap hostels, backpacks or boarding houses, but if there is no lift and several floors, a heavy backpack or bag is the last thing you need after a long flight.

I usually use a worldwide web for booking accommodation and air tickets, seldom with a travel agency.

Resources can be stored directly here because you have overall management of your travel plans. Everything that goes wrong is your responsibility, not a travel agency that is likely or unlikely to be interested in how your holiday will culminate. There are times when an agent can get the best deals and you will know if you have completely reviewed the fees before talking to a travel agent.

I was afraid to fly with budget airlines, but there are some fantastic deals out there with some of the budget businesses. Contracts are just as great as deliveries. You need to know what a regular airline will charge you to get you from your home town to the destination A to B (including your bags). Then explore the current airline for their fare, {destination airport and keep on web certificates. You can save money at different airports. Still, people use air travel because they are limited in time.

Credit cards that have loyalty flyers, if properly used, can reduce the price around the planet's airline. Use them on long-distance planes, unlike short trips.

I'm preventing money transferring at airports abroad because I've found them to charge higher rates than cash exchanges closer to the city.

Men and women think they have to get cash before they leave their arrival factors, and leave them open to higher charges. If you use a web-based reservation, every little thing can be booked before departure and includes a shuttle service from the airport and the train station. This will give you time to think about how much money you will need and use, allowing you to get the currency in the near future, and not spending some bloated rate or high commission.

I wish to use trains when they are abroad, because stations are usually in the city center, mostly they have detailed tables for holidaymakers, and I continually find them to be easier to use in general.

When generating travel expenses for money to take these things into consideration, you might want to save some cash when recruiting the most amazing destinations in the world.

Much More Wonderful Travel Directions for Backpacking in Southeast Asia

Auto Sales Repairs – Is Your Service Order Advisor or Salesperson?

So how do you say if your customer service adviser or seller is yours? Let's start by finding out what the order customer is and then illuminate the dealer's skills to make certain improvements in car sales.

The customer will walk to require a change of shock absorbers. No sale required; the customer knows what they want and they are willing to buy. The customer may sell the most expensive brand or type to the customer, but no real effort is required for this sale. The customer will be happy to pay the bill, thank the team and return home when he has exactly what they wanted.

In the same situation, the service counselor would ask how long the shock absorbers are used and what the customer's travel requirements are. In this way, they get the information first, find out if the current type of impacts are suitable for vehicle requirements, and second, which would be more appropriate for this particular case. The service counselor would then ask for further parts and for example found that the brake pads also need to be replaced, although not immediately. The customer may refuse to purchase them immediately, but the subsequent meeting is set for this order. If your dealer car repair was any good, the customer will leave with thanks, new dampers and the possibility of returning to another service.

We see how the service advisor not only took the order but also placed on the other side expressing concerns about the customer who will feel prudent after receiving recommendations for the sale of automotive repairs for future use. The skills shown in the service advisor show an interest in customer service and increased alert potential and loyalty. Taking an initiative is one of the key indicators of a good business person. Searching for relevant issues that will not only address the current issue but also show the ability to collect valuable information as well as a difficult sense of listening. Customers value the value and when the sales consultant is interested in the customer in connection with establishing a long-term relationship, the benefits are rich for all.

A vendor benefits from customer satisfaction rather than a commission or just flies in big orders. It serves as a platform for the customer to recommend the store and, in particular, this sales person as a durable and reliable source. It is based on the client base because the personality touch is added to otherwise financially without strapless interaction.

It should not be taken for granted that the quality of the vendor ranges from poor to excellent, so some of the features that are found in an excellent car repair dealer can be very indifferent to the order. This also enhances the potential of care and the development of an order to the retailer. Order customers should not be rejected as the boring existence of the sales team because they have reliable interventions that play a part in the smooth running of everyday business. They do not have to be called "Go-getters" or "risk-takers," but they contribute to a well-varnished machine that needs stability and a sense of security. These skills can be identified and refined to create a top selling person.

We can therefore conclude that when it comes to determining who the ordering customer and the seller are in the spectrum and the sales skills are diligently working and improving the desired results. Automatic sales repairs require a certain determination to want more and get more, promising a lot and delivering even more. Everything comes to customer satisfaction, as it is the most important ingredient in maintaining business prosperity. Customers who feel important and who care about them will feel qualified to stay true and the others turn to your business and the good salesperson is the catalyst. Each order is a merchant; it is simply a matter of improving the right skills to make it more productive for all involved.

Small Business ERP – Be aware of these things

Finding the right enterprise ERP for your business
Small Business ERP is a unique category of enterprise software. Typically, they must have all the features of large enterprise ERP software, but they must have as few clicks and screens as possible to ensure that users are not overloaded with the long time spent entering the data. Business size does not need to change the features required in the software. Rather, a small company often needs more efficiency because it can not afford the workforce to maintain the system.

When you look at ERP software, there are three levels of application. Tier 1 is a large multinational software solution such as Oracle, SAP and JD Edwards. Level 2 is the middle level of the market. These applications are suitable for businesses in the range of 50M to 250M. It's a sweet spot on the market. Just like any bell curve, the middle market has as many customers as possible and the most offered products. The last step is Tier 3, which is an ERP category for small businesses. These are systems suitable for beginners up to $ 50 million, even if some of these products become ineffective if they have more than 20 users in the system. So while they claim to be offers for small business ERPs, they are for the smallest companies.

Things to Look for in Small Business ERP
When evaluating ERP solutions for small businesses, it's important that you properly explore potential software candidates to make sure you get the software that suits your business. If you do not, you will find many different questions. Here are some tips:

1. Make sure the small enterprise ERP software you are looking for fits into your niche.
2. Ensure that data entry is simple and effective
3. Ensure that you or your employees can manage the database platform
4. Look for SME Small Business ERP Support Offers to Adapt to your needs
5. Find out that the Small Business ERP vendor provides sufficient training to properly deploy your employees

Discuss these points. First, you need to make sure that the software you are looking for is suitable for the business model or industry you are working in. The retail outlet should not use software for distributors. Find out what other customers the software provider has previously worked for, and ask for specific examples of companies in your industry.

You have to make sure that users do not become slaves to the system. Make sure the input data screens are simple, efficient, and do not require much skipping around the other screens to enter simple things like invoices or orders.

The heart of the system is the database. You need to make sure that the database does not require a full-time system administrator to maintain it. It should be designed to be self-contained and easy to use. Find some technical requirements for the small business ERP provider. You do not want to get into a situation where you need a specialized database administrator if something goes wrong later.

Small Business ERP should be designed for you by a small business owner. You should be able to easily call and talk to your support representative immediately. You do not have to wait a few days before you get answers. Beware of small systems with small support staffs. Especially be careful if the system is developed and maintained by one or two people. Yes, they are also small businesses, but it will be a big problem if they are not available to help you.

Finally, you and your staff need sufficient training to make the application work properly. Do not cover at this point. You need more training than you think. In fact, it would be good to plan a training that would go live and at least one more training session a month after leaving to answer any questions and solve the problems of lack of knowledge. You will not become system experts during the day, so plan future training.

The Future of Small Business ERPs
The future of ERP for small businesses seems to be one of two ways. There are those systems that will continue to work on a small computer network and pretty good on them, such as QuickBooks or DBA Software. Second, small enterprise ERP companies such as NetSuite are running the fees they bring to small cloud ERPs. This means you will have access to the application through your browser and there will be no installed software on your site. You have a license to access a system that keeps your data remotely and works through an Internet connection.

People are often interested in this model because your data lives elsewhere. The fact is, it is probably safer than the computer that sits in your back room. Data center security policies and high-level authentication that are enforced by cloud computing providers will actually lock your data and accessibility. While your server in your back room is often open to anyone who happens to be amazed. This seems more risky. However, depending on the way you choose, you can be sure that the ERP industry of small businesses continues to grow and develop.

7 Specific ways of allocating funds to achieve long-term wealth

Ask the average person what the money management means to them and the usual answer will be in line with "Pay all accounts in time and try to save everything that's left." – Not very inspiring, it did not sound too fun, huh? Here is a simple way to change the way you look and treat money. An effective and practical way to manage and track your finances and get out of debt, which is also fun and if it happens consistently … long-term rewards will be extraordinary.

Below are 7 ways you should distribute your money. – If possible, set up 7 separate bank accounts for each specific use, otherwise 7 containers, boxes or any feasible containers will work just as well to get you started. Make sure you do it regularly, which you must maintain, ie, daily, weekly or monthly.

1. Investment:

Add 10% of your money to the investment only. Use these funds only to purchase your investment. These investments should either create the existing "residual income" or appreciation / growth of capital, ie Sell for profit. Once you have enough money / capital, buy the investment and then start building until you have enough money for the next and repeat the cycle. This is by far your most important fund because it will ultimately work to achieve your financial freedom / independence.

2. Long-term Savings:

5% of your money should be allocated to buying "one-off" such as cars, clothing, home accessories, home improvement, home entertainment. This should also be used for stays abroad / long stays.

3. Long-term expenses:

Another 5% should be allocated to all ongoing small debts, usually credit cards or small personal loans. Requirements:

This is your primary cost of living, so 55% will be allocated to it; (19659002) 5: Education:

10% of your money is to be allocated to your ongoing funding. study of financial intelligence and personal development. This is very important because you can never stop learning and improving yourself. This would include; Books, DVDs / CDs, seminars, workshops, required travel and accommodation expenses, training materials and so on …

6: Fun:

This is another important fund. Life, as you know, is too short, and if you are constantly curing or rewarding, it can feel very tedious and very boring. – 10% of your money goes here, and at the end of each week / month / quarter you have to set the batch for the treatment of your choice, eg your favorite restaurant, theater, spa treatment. – You are limited only by your creativity … The idea is that you are really enjoying yourself and you acknowledge that you have earmarked the money directly for it and you do not feel guilty about it!

7: Charity: [19659002] Wealth is to be shared, 5% is directed toward giving back to those who are more needed. You can either regularly contribute or save and stand up for the great charity / cause of your donation. – The more you return, the more you get …

Please do not assume you need a lot of money to get started because you do not … You can start with very small amounts, importance is a habit. Even with a small amount, the law of composition will slowly grow into something essential. Teach your children from a very early age and just look at how quickly their financial intelligence will grow as well as their wealth!

The towing companies offer the safety of your vehicles

The towing company will surely have to provide you with the quick services needed for towing and also with additional necessary assistance, such as emergency services, if you have a flat tire, battery discharge, car disconnection, etc. These services are good but the most important attention when dragging is security. Safety for your car and you and your family. Towing is the process of pulling or pulling a chain or other form of joining, which is most obviously carried out by road vehicles.

Every person requested a towed car in one or the other. Whether it was a flat tire and lost spare or crazy misery, tow trucks helped us all safely to transport our vehicle to the repair shop. But many people do not realize that towing companies offer more than just an increase when your vehicle is forbidden. From the flatbed carriage support, you will be provided with local support services. When monitoring these drag issues, you should be able to prevent damage to your vehicle.

In addition to towing trolleys, most of the towing companies provide full assistance on the road. When towing the vehicle, safety chains must be used to make sure your vehicle is crashed to the towing truck. Ensures vehicle protection while keeping you safe. When using safety chains, make sure that the chains are crossed under the tongue of the trailer, ensuring that even if the trailer is disconnected from the fault, it will not be disconnected from the trailer. Several offers offer 24-hour assistance so that in the middle of the night when roadside assistance is the most important, they will lend a hand there.

There are plenty of safety reasons for the correct towing of a car, trailer or trailer travel starting with the capacity of the vehicle to tow and extending over the full length of the equalizer to suitably and officially link safety chains. Emergency roadside assistance services are typically designed to help drivers with known problems such as:

Flat tires

Empty gas tanks

Dead batteries


Helping you on the road from your local towing service will help you reduce your nervousness over tense road roads and help keep you safe. For those minor incidents when your vehicle is temporarily out of action, your car will get back on track and return.

When you need a towing vehicle, it is important to use only a professional and reputable service. The study of towing problems included responses from car-trailer owners across the country and found that although most car owners believe they know what they are doing in terms of towing. Carefully make sure you have everything you need,. This means that you make sure that the load you are using is right for your vehicle as well as the load restrictions under the laws that must match.

Keep the towing numbers in case of emergency, division or regular service. We hope that rescue services are never needed and you can prevent many anxieties and bad experiences if you follow some basic guidelines such as preventive maintenance of your vehicle, at least with a monthly or weekly

The benefits of using online storage and moving services

Storage and moving are basically related to facilities where the storage provider provides customers with a convenient move. For a temporary period of time, these services provide accommodation and storage services for all your things that are completely safe and as long as you need service. Securing all property in a completely safe and secure separate storage facility for as long as you want. There are many benefits when it comes to hiring a professional service provider. When providing moving services to a storage company during the move, make sure that all your goods and furniture are in good condition at the time they reach their destination. These services are provided by professionals who keep your things safely and safely until you need them for the second time. So, you would not plan to pay any additional amount of money that will provide you with appropriate and safe things.

For people who have to relocate their home and transport in any other state or place, renting a professional and efficient repair garage door is quite a necessity.

Here are some of the suggestions why hiring services with a mobile storage service provider is crucial:

• Hiring these services can be affordable and inexpensive

If you carry out the entire storage and moving thing yourself, it can prove to be quite costly. So it is very convenient and convenient to hire a competent, experienced and professional warehouse and relocation service provider. Other benefits are simplicity and convenience in getting your moving container from your site and transporting it directly to your home. In addition, there will be no concerns about the transfer of property, as it will guarantee that all your items will be delivered safely and without any damage. Sometimes you can sometimes pay more than you expected, but you will be happy with the result due to your quality services.

• Moving storage Containers are seamless

Transporting furniture from one state to another is not an easy task. If you think doing it yourself, it will take a lot of time, effort and money. So it's always better for you to hire professionals who are well versed in the offer of mobile and storage services. They will give you a very good warehouse service for your affiliation as it saves you time and energy. Your goods will be shipped directly to your designated location.

• Rental of these services is flexible

A good storage company is a very good solution if you are looking for the perfect and safe place to keep your stuff in storage. It's a very good solution if you are looking for a place to store goods. You can store them for as long as possible, and it's easy to pick them up and carry them whenever there's time to move. The company will make sure that the goods are properly packaged. So he hires a company that offers high-quality packaging, transportation and storage and benefits.

8 Reasons You Should Use Sage Accounting Software

Accounting is an important aspect of any business. Good accounting standards will ensure that the company moves forward. While there are plenty of billing options, check out what Sage Accounting Software can offer your company.

1) Unrivaled support. With Sage Accounting Systems, you will receive all the advice and support you need with a 24-hour online service and a Sage Advisor trainer to help you if you ever have a problem. Sage Business Care saves you time, money, and effort in running your business with an auto recovery system.

2) Observations. The software reporting system lets you make informed business decisions based on previews that you can gather through accurate reports. The business aspect of software accounting Sage gives you access to your data and enables you to innovate business decisions and implementation.

3) Good Billing Principles. The Sage Accounting System is approved by GAAP. The double-entry accounting system is comparable to industry standards and is the most reliable form of accounting.

4) Audit and security features. These in-depth features let you keep your data and help companies avoid money-laundering as a result of incorrect accounting or accounting fraud. Part of the Sage Software Revision Accounting checks for common mistakes in accounting and suspicious activity with 15 different data control modes. Security and Audit features also let you control who works on your accounting, creating new records, changing records, and accessing certain features.

5) Adaptation. With fully customizable features, you'll have access to the key data needed to support your customers, schedule purchases, and quickly negotiate when needed. Ability to act quickly saves you time and money and gives your customers better service.

6) Inventory management. This is one of the strong points of accounting software. The ability to manage your inventory allows your company to reduce errors and control costs. You will be able to manage your inventory or order multiple shares based on orders and invoices. You can also use Sage accounting software; set different price levels per item, choose between different ways of setting costs, adjust costs either with monetary value or percentage, and repair or warranty repair of tracks on items with serial numbers.

7) project management. With Sage, you will be able to manage your projects through order tracking, estimated revenue and cost changes, and even phase and cost coding. Process Process Workflow lets you track even the most complex transactions and processes.

8) Sector specific accounting. Sage offers industry-specific solutions. If you are a manufacturing, construction or estate agent, you have Sage accounting software that will suit your specific needs.


Sage Accounting Systems offers you specific software that will allow you to grow your company.

Planning a cheap wedding destination

A target wedding will not only focus on location and all trips but will require a lot of wedding expenses. Remember, there are several areas of a wedding destination that will definitely need a large amount of dollars, and the most major case is you and your guests will have travel expenses. In addition to your travel expenses, you will of course have basic wedding expenses. There are also hotel and accommodation related expenses. However, if you want your dream wedding dream to meet without breaking a bank, there are some tips and ideas that you can consider.

Who says you can not save on travel expenses? One way to save money in terms of travel is to ask guests who fly from the same place to travel their plans to the group. You can save up to ten percent on airline tickets when requesting a group rate when booking a flight. Wedding date is also a big factor. Consider choosing a wedding day, especially when it comes to a destination wedding that is out of season. Avoid the high season bridal season for most airlines that are increasing their price at that time. While on the other hand, off-season dates, where airlines reduce their rates.

If you decide to have a resort instead, consider some resorts that give freebies such as a wedding ceremony free of charge for those who stay on them. You can ask for this advantage when making the first calls to several resorts. If you are using a travel agency, you can get brochures for destinations. Check for this feature and other similar savings.

Also, if you consider checking different websites and even hotels, some of them offer wedding benefits to their guests, such as offering wedding planners at lower cost or even for free. Check out some hotels at your selected wedding venue to see if they have any wedding services offered, and if so, there are often great discounts and even wedding plans for free. Some websites are also some wedding services that can help you reduce your wedding expenses. Just make sure you know how many guests are included in the package offered by the wedding planner.

You can save money on guest accommodation. There are a few great ways to accommodate your guests, which are also a great idea to save money. Alternatives like villas or apartments in an area they could rent. The most common destinations are used for these requirements. They can also have special prizes for wedding receptions.

You can also save money for more information about the wedding destination. Of course you do not want to spend your fortune for gifts only. Just like you want to end the destination wedding by thanking your guests, but that does not mean you have to prepare a large amount of dollars. You can reduce your wedding expenses by buying just giving cheap wedding favors, or sometimes giving cheap bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gifts. After all, having cheap wedding ideas does not mean you have a low quality wedding. In fact, there are few ideas on how to make a real wedding of dreams without sacrificing wealth.

Why you need an email organizer – Autoresponder

To send emails to customers and contacts, you need an email organizer, also known as an autoresponder. If you plan to promote or sell via e-mail to a subscriber list, an autoresponder is a must if you do not want your e-mail marketing to become a full nightmare.

Autoresponder is a unique tool to help you with all the information related to email marketing. Helps you create a subscriber list, collect e-mail addresses, organize your subscribers, and send emails to your list. Once you set up your system, you can automatically send emails to groups or categories or to the entire list.

Automatic Email Emails

Email Organizer or Automatic Response is a type of automatic email service that allows you to organize and schedule all your email correspondence and marketing. You can categorize people in your list so they fit into the different niches you might have.

A list of customers and prospects is a very important part of your business. Autoresponder in shell is a list manager and an automatic email sender. You can pre-load it with a number of emails and set a date for each e-mail you send, and which part of the list you send it to.

For example, if you load an autoresponder tool with 50 emails letters and schedule them to be sent once a week, your subscribers will hear from you every week for almost a year. (19659002) Only Messages

Of course, you can send individual messages at any time with the e-mail organizer, in which case enter or put in your message, select the people you want to send and click the Send button, it's really that easy, hundreds or even thousands of people can be contacted by clicking

You can now ask how to get those subscribers into your list (19459006) There are many autoresponders (software) and autoresponder services There are many autoresponder You can buy your own autoresponder software and then use your computer and e – mail account from

First of all, it will take a long time for your computer and your e-mail service to send a large number of emails. Secondly, when your email provider sees a large number of emails that appear from your account, they assume that you have been spamming and may take action against you.

Another, much better, is to use a professional autoresponders service. You can even find free e-mail services that I do not answer because they are less reliable and because they will include their own advertising when sending emails.

So I suggest you choose one of the leading and best autoresponders on the market – AWEber or GetResponse. For a reasonably low monthly fee, these autoresponder services process everything that is involved in building a mailing list, planning, and sending emails.

Web Forms

You can have as many lists as you want with one of them. They will create a web form that you install on your website so you can capture the participants. Web forms are based on templates that you can customize to your liking. Then copy / paste the code snippet you add to your website.

The result is a login form that appears on your website, where visitors enter their name and email address and join your e-mail list. If you are using the double sign-on system (which you should), you must confirm the subscription before adding it to the list.

Double opt-in

Double opt-in requires only the next step for people who log in to your newsletter or e-zine before they actually become subscribers. When you submit a login form, it will receive an email asking you to click on the link in this email to confirm their subscription.

Both of the above-mentioned auto sponsor services offer a variety of tools and features to help you make the most of your email marketing efforts. They also have tutorials and knowledge bases in addition to helpful support.

A list of subscribers to send messages, updates, and offers is a great asset to your online business. To manage your list and e-mail, have an organizer of an autoresponder. It's worth your money!

Analysis of the story collection

At the end of the mechanical age of Donald Barthelme

The protagonists of the story are Ralph and Ms. Davis. The story presents the current state as boring and boring. But the mechanical age has its comfortable zones. Mrs. Davis's widow married Ralph. The marriage is witnessed by God, who swears to them: "You are a marriage of husband and a lifetime promise that you will make any mutually satisfactory accommodation necessary to reduce tensions and reach the previously agreed goals that both sides have harmoniously set in the appropriate scheduling sessions. The story is unclear and lacks depth and shape. It reminds of an insuperable abstract painting.

A Petition by John Bartha

John Barth writes a letter to a famous person from Thailand who is visiting America for surgery. Barth is very attracted to Eastern mysticism and Eastern religions. It highlights the virtues of foreigners. He also describes the contemporary culture of America ironically. Can not find the essence of the story in Barth's petition

Balthazar is an amazing afternoon by Marquez

Cage of Balthazar is a fascinating and mysterious story about Balthazar, who produces a cage and sells it for sixty pesos. Once he collects money, he buys booze for his friends and gets drunk. His wife patiently waits to come home. The story bears morals about a person who does not know how to handle large amounts of money.

The Shore by Grillet

Bank Grillet describes the movement of three children on the beach. Grillet describes movement of waves, flying sea gulls and wind movement. The author has a fascinating fascination for all three children, a strange aura of attractiveness.

Just like the bad dream of Heinrich Boll

In the movie Just like a bad dream, the protagonist invites Zumpens to dinner. He was thinking of a valuable contract that Zumpen would do. But Zumpens left without a word. Bertha's protagonist's wife told her husband to visit Zumpens. Mrs. Zumpen gives him an envelope and tells him to raise the price because the price offered by other bidders was much higher. The story ends with a happy note with the main hero to whom the contract was awarded.

Axolotl by Cortazar

Axolotl describes the morbid fascination for them by the author. The author becomes ruminative about them. The story is Quixotic and has no conspiracy meat.

Schwartz takes responsibility in dreams

In the dreams begins responsibility, the author describes the father's relationship with his mother. The relationship is long lasting and pleasant.

Solipsist Brown

In the story, Solipsist Walter Jehovah has an imaginary conversation with God. Solipsism is a philosophy that an individual exists. In the conversation, Jehovah rises with the magnificence of thinking-he himself exists as God.

Gogol's wife Tomanso

In the story, Nicolo's wife is described as a balloon. As years pass by, Nicole's resistance to his wife is growing.

The end of Beckett

At the end is a story that describes the lonely life of an unknown person. The description describes his anxiety. The story is not right and the end and narrative is random.

Waiting Borges

We find Vilari's acting hero who will settle in new hostels. At the end of this story, we find surprisingly that Vilari is killed by a stranger.

Borges and me

The author distinguishes the fictional Borges from the actual Borges. Sensory Borges is acknowledged in the news and has a miracle for watches, sixteenth-century maps and labyrinths.

Everything and nothing from Borges

All and nothing of Borges is a fictional edition of Shakespeare's biography. He states that Shakespeare was initiated into Ann Hathaway's sexuality ceremony. In an imaginary conversation with God, Shakespeare God is revealed to be a theater, a mask, and that it is all and nothing.