Safely select and change your password online

One of the best ways to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your own online account is preventing access to personal private information, which also applies to Yahoo and most of its applications. It's good to change your passwords often to prevent people from accessing your emails, chat, finances, and even my Yahoou, all falling under Yahoo and protected by a single password.

This is because all services offered by Yahoo are password-protected, and any password change affects all these additional accounts.

Changing the password is not a challenging task; you can do this by accessing your Yahoo messenger account, Yahoo mail, or one of the accounts offered by Yahoo. You can access it by entering your ID and password.

Left-click on the username to display a menu with different selection options. Click Account Information as one of the options and a dialog box prompting you to re-enter your password will be immediately redirected to an account information page where you can choose to change the Yahoo password under the password password.

You will then have to enter the old password once and enter the new password twice with the same new password that was provided to make sure you are not making mistakes.

You instantly click the "Save" button to save the password memo unless it reflects the need to re-fill the information. However, if you have done the right thing, you will receive a message telling you that you have succeeded in changing, then you can click on the Continue button.

You can sign back in by entering your Yahoo ID and a new password, where you will be redirected to your own account.

Preventing access to your Yahoo accounts is easy if you constantly change your password.