Travel tips for Russia

Russia is becoming more and more popular with its rich cultural heritage and its favorite cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you are planning or planning a trip to Russia, we recommend that you consider one of the following travel tips.

Talk to Russia

Do some reading around Russia before you visit him to find out about the country. In order to gain some insight, Russia stretches over nine time zones and is the largest country in the world with a landscape ranging from frozen tundra in Siberia to endless wheat fields and pine forests of central Russia to the mountains and palms of the Caucasus in the south. The population was about 140 million, according to the latest census with Central Russia, which includes Moscow, the most densely populated area.


Do not forget to know what to eat and what to eat Russia. The country does not pose any serious threat to health, with the most common problem being food poisoning. Most directives indicate that they are avoiding buying kebabs on stalls, especially at train stations, while tourists are also encouraged to look over dairy products. Water from the water is safe after the boiling in Moscow, but tourists are advised to drink bottled water anywhere else; avoiding ice cubes and using a toothbrush with a brush is also recommended.


Russia is a spectacular country and its prices too. The big cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg are, like most of the well-known European cities, very expensive. On the outskirts of larger cities you will find cheaper restaurants and accommodation. Tourists are advised to get their Russian ruby ​​before the trip, but there are ATMs from local banks such as Sberbank and International, such as HSBC and Citibank throughout Moscow, St Petersburg and other Russian cities. When paying for something, merchants in Russia prefer to pay in cash, but credit cards are generally accepted and travelers can still pay with checks.


Before you depart to Russia, you should be aware of some Russian labels. If you are on a business trip and are late, there is no need for panic because it is considered normal, often because of the terrible traffic in Moscow. If you are offered a drink, it is rude to not accept it, especially for men. Some travel guides also say that Russian men often meet colleagues at a meeting, so women who travel with their men should be prepared to see that their husband's hand is shaken and not theirs. The Russians also love to dress almost everywhere they go, so you might think you chose some smart clothes.