Let your guests play the game to upgrade

Sometimes guests are bored in the hotel room. They do not want to watch TV, read a book or relax, but they're looking for something else. What if you give your guests a jigsaw puzzle that's fun? In addition, completing a jigsaw puzzle could be appreciated by your choice.

Let's say one of your guests finishes your puzzle and brings it to the reception to get the promised gift. great situation for both parties. The guest is extremely happy and proud to have finished the puzzle and will receive a great gift from the hotel; on the other hand you can be sure that this guest will not forget this experience and triumph.

The gift is the icing on the guest cake. Providing a pleasant atmosphere ensures that the guest speaks about this experience with family members, friends and colleagues. It is not at all common to provide guests with the opportunity to get an amazing price simply by compiling a puzzle. This is quite unique.

Besides, who says the puzzle must be easy? You can easily make your own jigsaw puzzle right now. Simply put, you can choose your own layout and number of pieces. I recommend creating three levels of difficulty for your jigsaw puzzle. Each level has its own price. Your guests can choose one level and have only one opportunity. It's even harder to finish by setting the amount of time the puzzle has to complete after picking up at the reception.

Another strategy would be to have a landfill of 5000 – 10,000 units, which must be completed by a week. Completion is free for two days in your accommodation. According to this strategy, you could convince your guests to stay longer!

You can make the whole game even more interesting and challenging when you say the borrowed jigsaw puzzle has to be at least partially completed at the box office, otherwise the guests have to do something stupid (for example I say I love XYZ HOTEL in the camera, etc.).

Guests completing your jigsaw puzzles are perfect for taking pictures that you can use for your marketing in the social media. People who see these pictures online will ask themselves what it means, and you will undoubtedly create curiosity with them. Imagine that you are the first accommodation company that provides such games and prizes for regular guests in your city. This in itself is a strong reason why guests are booking accommodation again. This strategy adds value to your accommodation company and adding value is one of the best ways to get to the top and become really successful in what you do.