Accommodation, lodging Hamilton Island

As you can expect from a popular tourist destination, Hamilton Island offers a wide range of accommodation options for people with all types of budgets. You can choose from hotels (3-star, 4-star or 5-star), luxury resorts, apartments (1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms), villas and luxury homes. You can choose the one you want and base your decision on the price and facilities provided by each one.

o Hotels – Like all over the world, one of the most popular accommodation options in the hotel. There are a number of cheap and luxurious hotels on the island that serve tourists. Hotels range from three stars to five stars, and equipment is world class. No matter what your budget, you can get something that suits you. Hotel Reef View and Beach Club are two popular hotels, both of which are beachfront.

o Resorts – If you are looking for more space than the hotels you can afford, you can choose from one of the luxury resorts on the island. These are quite expensive, but the experience they provide would definitely be one in life. Qualia is one of the most popular luxury resorts on the island, located at its secluded northern tip.

o Villas – Separate houses are available on Hamilton Island. Villas are the most luxurious. If you are looking for privacy and do not want to give up luxury, head to one of the many villas. Palm Terrace is a villa that is very popular with tourists.

o Apartments – The only favorite accommodation option on the island of Hamilton is the apartments. You get the privacy of your home and all the services you need. You can cook your own food and have great experiences. Apartments are available with one to four bedrooms. So you can either come with your big family or share the cost with some friends. Any way of renting an apartment is a great way to spend your vacation on Hamilton Island.