The long-awaited IPO of Chinese mining equipment manufacturer Bitcoin Canaan Inc. began yesterday. The offer of $ 90 million had little value given the previous values, and the company completed its trading day on the first day.

Bitcoin mining shares returned $ 9
This week, Chinese mining giant Canaan Inc. completed an initial offer of US $ 90 million. This figure seems impressive for the first time when a Chinese company based in Bitcoin appears, although this is much lower than the original value of $ 400 million in October.

According to Bloomberg, the mining equipment manufacturer sold 10 million American Depository Shares (ADS) on Wednesday for $ 9. ADS is a portion of the US dollar-denominated capital of a foreign company that is available for purchase on the stock exchange. from the USA UU.

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According to an official announcement last week, the Hangzhou-based firm plans to raise $ 100 million by offering 10 million shares offered between $ 9 and $ 11, according to a presentation to the SEC.


Language Learning for hopelessly busy people


As a young life was dedicated to the school and related student debt. There was a lot of problems, such as work, children, maintaining a home and other adult responsibilities. In adulthood, you have goals and interests, and speaking in a foreign language can be one of them. For most languages, it takes about 1,000 hours of training to having all the necessary time, we can realistically speak a new language, if your schedule is already full?
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Productive way to learn the language and to strengthen skills, if time is limited – it is Use halostymi minutes, downtime, travel and waiting times . During the trip, or to work on the job, use these moments to listen to podcasts or music in a language that you are learning again.
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If you are again at an advanced level, listen to audio books in this language. Even if you passively listen to music in a different language, you learn new vocabulary, and the music – a great benefit memory. In anticipation of the meeting, or standing in a queue, use the app to learn the language on your phone or tablet to pass the time. Short training period – a small reinforcement, which vastly increase your memory.
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Read for 15 minutes each day. If you like the book in English, try to read it in another language. You do not need to read it word for word; understanding of the storyline and get acquainted with the structure of supply and new vocabulary will have an impact.
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In addition, you will get great pleasure and confidence after reaching such an impressive goal. Of course, reading a novel – this one sentence. It is important to read something, anything that you are interested in: magazines, comic books, romance novels, all that will motivate you to read every day. In fact, read 15 minutes each day puts you at more than one million words each year .
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If reading a book does not interest you, watch your favorite movie in the language you are learning . You may already know the story, and this time you will be able to follow the dialogue with more understanding.
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If desired, use subtitles. Games and puzzles also productive use of their time, and there are unlimited options on the internet. How about participating in chat in the foreign language ? They not only provide practical experience of communication, they are also & # 39 are an excellent source for potential foreign friends. The aim here & # 39 is the inclusion of language learning during the holidays.
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Have you ever tried the inclusion of the five senses in your language learning ? This can be done wherever you are. Every time you feel the taste, smell, touch, feeling, or vbachenne something new or interesting, think about these feelings in the new language. Interacting with your feelings, you teach yourself to think more in the new language, rather than your dominant language. That’s why so many language learning is moving rapidly while traveling in foreign countries. They begin to hear and see more foreign words than the words of their language. In the end, their brain ceases to pass on their language and begin to think in the new language. For example, brush teeth, talk to each other (silence or loud) of mint flavor toothpaste how feels fresh mouth, the color of the toothbrush bristles is felt on the gums like feel smooth teeth as the foam becomes toothpaste water and a brush. Include your feelings in simple tasks, thinking in the language you are learning again. Do not worry about mistakes. Think of words and sentences, and let you be free.
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To complement the study of language during a busy day, practice these achievable approaches that will keep you on your way to escape. You can do it! Interest in foreign languages ​​is beneficial and opens up new possibilities to your world, so do not let time constraints limit your ability to speak a new language.



Fall Fun outdoor activities in Wisconsin Dells


Since the 50s, many families occurred in Wisconsin DELSY for very important reasons. In addition, in 3-4 hours from Chicago and Minneapolis, people love the natural charm lednikavaga DELSY park. The place really is lively with plenty of theme parks, water parks and other attractions, where boredom does not exist; simply the perfect place not only for recreation but also for permanent residence.
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Any traveler who may have traveled to Wisconsin DELSY, could not refuse to rest in his Delsav was superb. Rest in Wisconsin-equipped Dellse exciting spectacular events – the biggest water parks, the best live performances, excellent entertainment, theme parks and other types of attractions, not to mention the economical accommodations and holiday packages to make the most of a family holiday.
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Thus, regardless of whether you are in Wisconsin Dells for a family vacation, honeymoon or group vacation, you will find a number of interesting and fun activities!
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Although the summer – a good time to visit the Wisconsin Delsav, autumn – the perfect time of year for outdoor activities. That’s why, for anyone who thinks about the family adventure, this fall may come a time when the weather & # 39; e is not very hot and not too cold. You and your family members & # 39; and or your friends, obviously, enjoy the fresh air and beautiful environment.
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Below are some interesting outdoor activities this autumn in Wisconsin Dell, you must not forget to include in your itinerary.
Boating – Wisconsin DELSY became famous for its boating and beautiful scenery. Dells boat tours are really needed everyone who visits Dells; is a great way to see and walk through the natural beauty of this place. Dells boat trip will allow you to assess the sight of well-preserved landscapes of the river and the high rocks with sandstone rock formations and unique among peaceful hemlock forests. For another thrill this fall, you can also take a boat ride on the terrible ghost of the dark!
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Horse riding – this activity probably works best for the whole family & # 39; and. Vacationers in Wisconsin-DELSY can go on a trail ride on horseback Red Ridge. Go to a safe ride in the quiet, friendly horses and appreciate the colorful 60-minute stroll through 250 acres of farmland and moving wooded hills across the river Limonveyr.
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Zip Lines – zip line are mandatory for all those who are looking for adventure there. With Zip Line Tours, visitors have the best chance to get a bird’s eye view over the beautiful autumn vegetation below.
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The train ride – colorful flights of trains can be found in the railway museum in the Middle continent. You and your husband and the husband obviously will enjoy riding the rails on an old train that runs on charcoal, in a spectacular woodland Dells.
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Go on a hike – so, Wisconsin Dells is famous primarily for its massive water parks, however, you should know that the Dells as a & # 39 is home to the tone of natural beauty. In fact, you can see the many nearby state parks, where visitors can go hiking, enjoy kayaking, watch and picnic.
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No matter what you want is by boat, horse, zip line, train or on foot, you’ll have a great time at Wisconsin-DELSY for entertainment and, of course, because of the beautiful fall out & # 39; I.
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Recreation Planning ahead will allow you to get a really good holiday packages and coupons to make your stay much more enjoyable. So what are you waiting for to plan your autumn vacation in Wisconsin DELSY advance!
When Hamas was trying to collect bitcoin by denying it through a number of digital wallets, a startup was able to see what was happening and warn its customers.
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Based in London, Elliptic sells blockchain analytics tools on some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms – including Binance and Circle – as well as banks. The company’s software is used to investigate criminal activity in the bitcoin digital ledger and monitor transactions to prevent money laundering.

The company recently learned that Al-Qassam Brigade, the military wing of Hamas, used a donation website that generated a different bitcoin wallet address for each person they visited. This made it harder to find funds and see where they were sent. The group has been designated a terrorist organization by Israel, the US and the EU.



Become a nurse travel nursing companies and research


Seasonal and regional shortage of nurses in the 1980s caused the emergence-techs of companies that specialize in providing nurse the opportunity to travel anywhere in the US where there is a lack of nurses. Since the US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the nursing shortage will grow over the next seven years, nursing travel – a field with the expected strong growth.
This fact can make anyone who appreciates sur & # 39; a serious car & # 39; a career in health care, become a medical nurse, except for the majority of people who do not know how to become.
In order to become a nurse in the journey, the person must have an active state license as a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse or a nurse practitioner and have a good reputation. The nurse also requires at least one year of medical experience, preferably in a hospital setting. Then it’s time to find a travel recruitment agency, which place them at an agreed number of jobs across the country or on the spot.
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Before you decide to settle in any travel agency, which is listed on the Internet, it is strongly recommended to see what the United States are favorable for them. According to one of the web sites for the elderly care in Florida, California and Arizona have the most opportunities for nurses. However, if people want to work and live somewhere in the United States, it is possible, since nurses can travel in all states. They just have to get a license of the State where they work.
The next step is to become a nurse from the & # 39 is the study of travel agencies. In conducting research tour companies and what they offer to their customers, it is necessary to take into account, the agency helps its customers to get a state license or not.
This factor helps determine how useful agency and can help a person determine whether he wants to work with the agency. While 27 states require that nurses receive from them a license to work there, the other 23 states – not. These 23 States concluded an agreement known as the Treaty on nursing license that allows a nurse to work in any of the 23 states with the license obtained from only one of the 23 states. According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, these 23 states with the & # 39 are Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin.
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Some travel health agency will recruit specifically for the job, execute contracts and help in finding accommodation. Most agencies will organize a house in his name, while some allow the nurse to participate in the search and selection of housing. If the nurse decides to go outside the company when buying a home, most companies offer a stipend for housing.

Some agencies offer assistance on travel, which may or may not cover all transport costs. Some agencies offer health insurance, licensing, compensation, bonuses for direction for the direction of travel nurses in stock investments, compensation for additional education, vacation and sick days.

Assignments for travel can range from eight weeks to one year; However, on average the majority of jobs is only thirteen weeks. At the end of the job, nurses can choose to stay in that place, if possible, or choose another available space. For nurses can enroll in several travel agencies and modify at will.

After investigating travel agencies that feed people and decided with a travel company to work, it is best to schedule an interview with a travel agency. During an interview with & # 39; w company feeds, will evaluate the person placing skills. The client will be assigned rekruter to overcome individual needs, goals and opportunities. Rekruter contact the client when it becomes available to the corresponding position.


The entrance to America – on Ellis Island


Manhattan became known as the "island of happiness". Many Europeans have sold everything they had, and even borrowed to pay for travel to the United States. Some were denied entry and threatened with deportation. The decision whether to stay or return to the favorite, was both emotional and traumatic. Payment for coming to America was great, but also great risks.

The harbor was full of ships. Travelers waiting for the landing, as they approached the city's skyline. They became the surprised look on large skyscrapers and views of Lady Liberty. As they stood in the dock, they will be marked with identification numbers. They observed signs of disease or infirmity or mental illness. When they found any of these symptoms, they were marked with chalk writing on the back. Through the confusion and shuffling, and in different languages, they moved through the labyrinth of passageways. Medical and legal expertise of doctors conducted a button. They wanted to disrupt the eyelids to check for trachoma, a disease common in southern and eastern Europe. Those who it was, got chalk on the back "E" and sent back.

About eight-tenths survived and moved on to the final exam test with an immigration inspector. After answering all the questions interpreter their names were checked with the ship. If they got a landing card, they would go to the foreign exchange booth to exchange their foreign money into US dollars. The Americans were handed a travel agent or the railroad that went away. Many could not speak in English, asked for help to the help of the community.

After filing for naturalization, memorizing a few fundamentals of the US government, an oral exam and, finally appeared before the judge oath. Many obstacles to learning a new language and culture were huge for new citizens. Due to the different languages ​​they were going in sections of fast-growing cities. This gave rise to such ethnic neighborhoods, like the Jewish Quarter in New York on the East Side. German and French religious refugees found freedom in the heart of the Midwest, for example, in Pennsylvania. Many Scandinavians arrived in Minnesota and Wisconsin. New York, Boston and other cities have increased dramatically the East Coast. Chicago, St. Louis and Omaha also grew. Eight million people have arrived in the US in the period from 1870 to 1924. In Detroit, Philadelphia and Newark settled many new citizens.

Many immigrants were happy to find a job and citizenship in a new country. Equal opportunities were given to all the big promises to improve themselves. They walked from the cheap labor for the educated and successful individuals.


American culture of greed


American culture has a lot of flattering attributes. Extreme individualism – not one of them.

Individualism was the core of the border mentality. The pioneers were largely independent and self-sufficient. At the same time, the early Americans is also very aware of the common good. This awareness has been strengthened by the Civil War, the Great Depression and World War II. However ekspansivnastsi end of the 20th century, and especially in the last few years, human rights have won the responsibility to the group. While every society struggles to balance the human freedom with the common good, America has lost balance. Now our survival depends on the recovery.

I had the great opportunity to travel to 48 countries and teach in eight of them. I am a graduate student and had a cross-cultural study of 28 of these countries. We compared the association of eleven general social priorities, including the "freedom of the individual." Social priorities vary greatly from country to country, and our different analysis did not always give the same result. However, in the world there is a belief that the "freedom of the individual" in the US is too high.

While people of other cultures see our individualism as dangerous, we are proud of it. We are proud of this, as he suras & # 39; ozna not hurt the common financial system, on which we all depend. Then we are angry that the government, as the defender of the common good, does not prevent such a destructive personality.

Mess on Wall Stryi – a logical extension of the unlimited American individualism, which we love so much. Heads of affairs simply pushed the pendulum away from the center when they demanded obscene salaries and risk with other people money, taking into account only their personal wealth, power and ego. Because of their position, their extreme greed has had a dramatic negative impact on the common good.

CEOs in other cultures act differently. For example, in 2005, according to the Institute for Policy Studies, CEO of British Petroleum (BP – the second largest oil company in the world) earned $ 5.6 million outstanding Director General of Royal Dutch Shell (the third-largest oil company) earned outstanding 4. , $ 1 million. CEO of the largest oil company Exxon Mobil (US) grossed $ 69.7 million, and the average salary of US oil companies amounted to 33 million dollars. This discrepancy represents a huge cultural difference between the US and Europe.

Comparison with Japan even more surprising. American leaders in recent years, earning about 400 times the average salary of its employees. In other words, the CEO makes every day more than the employee earns in a year. Japanese executives earn only 11 times what their employees earn.

No one who has traveled a lot, do not claim that the European and Japanese managers are less competent than American leaders. The difference lies not in intelligence, training or experience; It is ethics respective cultures – in balance human rights and the common good.

Candidates for this election differ regarding the appropriate balance between individualism and the common good. One of the candidates (McCain) recognizes the need to put "country first", but generally begins his sentences with "I", to focus on his personal history as a war hero and politician. Another candidate (Obama) says very little about himself, focusing on "we", our moment in history and our common future. Then McCain chooses partnerships with Palin from Alaska – America's last frontier with rugged individualism and independence. Palin has a strong focus on individualism of any national candidate in my life, strong for Barry Golduoter, which I supported in 1964.

None of these candidates does not justify the excesses that have become common with the & # 39; true on Wall Street. However, McCain and Palin can not deny his Republican affiliation and attachment to excessive individualism, for example, the deregulation of the banking system. They are saddled with the most cultural curse that causes the destruction of our financial system – too many "I" and not enough "we."

Note to editors: The study referred to by the article was published in the Journal of Human Values ​​5: 1 (1999)


Recent developments Airport on Long Island MacArthur


1. Reduce the numbers:

MacArthur Airport on Long Island, belonging to the town of Islip, since its inception caught in a vicious cycle. Airlines have long been reluctant to provide services due to lack of passengers, while the passengers are reluctant to use the airport because the airline does not provide the service they are looking for. Over the past six months is a & # 39; reality actually strangled him.

Although 1.8 million passengers in the eastern part of the reservoir Nassau and Suffolk commit an average of 3.7 annual trips, these favorable facts ends here, since only 25 percent of them use the MacArthur for his travels. Increasing to 50 per cent if we consider only non-stop service, this statistic underlines the benefits for the carriers if they provide it.

Indeed, during the five-year period from 2007 to 2012 the number of annual departures was reduced from 14 874 to 7930, which was the steepest decline of all US airports are medium in size, that almost brought about the & # 39; facility on Long Island to the status of 1999 Southwest Airlines led the last growth cycle.

In addition to the victim of the recession and the increase in fuel costs, as well as the other terminals, it has historically been forced to work in the shadow of the three major airports in New York, thus using almost the same market base, but it is almost exclusively based on a single carrier, southwest, for his service. In addition, the growing trend towards airline consolidation results in a smaller number of potential suppliers of aviation services, almost all of which in the past operated from the airport, while the current fuel prices made the profitability of their operations unprofitable regional jet, which caused the cancellation of carriers that kogda it provides vital moves, such as the South-East Atlantic (ASA) in Atlanta, cameras in Cincinnati and Continental Express in Cleveland.

Selecting a deviation from the operating philosophy of the undervalued, high prices, secondary airports at which it was founded, and in response to passenger demand for a large presence in the market, Southwest gradually rebuild the aviation assets of the smaller and larger cities, in order to maximize profits, but dismantled. Most of Islip market he created the cultivated.

Confronting this evaluation, the South-West has shown that this strategy reflects a system-wide change in the industry, rather than those that are limited to MacArthur.

Long Island market includes factors that are beyond the scope of system-wide trends in the industry. Driven additional slots obtained at the airport La Guardia AirTran after acquisition, southwest itself increased the frequency and direction of the airport with a higher yield and load factor.

Having made a rush 34 daily departures from Long Island, it gradually reduced its presence by stopping the service in its two targeted cities – namely, Nashville and Las Vegas – thus removing them related flights.

By the time the service is "Chicago-Midway" was stopped and moved to La Guardia in June 2012, its number of flights is almost halved to 18.

Although he attributed to revive the airport, it largely became a barrier to its growth. Because of its dominance and low tariff structures, he served as a deterrent to other airlines that are considering it services, especially on routes, for example, in Florida, on which it has a monopoly. However, how to walk on a tightrope, city officials Islip consistently making significant efforts to maintain close ties with the airline as well as the future of the airport depends on it.

However, the future depends on the numbers of flights and passengers. It also depends on the financial and they were optimistic. For example, for a three-year period from 2010 to 2012, the airport has lost nearly $ 4.2 million, forcing him to use the money raised from the sale of a plot of land on the site of the railway road in Long Island $ 11 million in 2009 to compensate for the deficit, as well as attracting business to the rental shop windows inside the terminal; the first to introduce a common aviation duty; and reduce the number of employees, as well as overtime.

But for breaking strategies need a lot more to achieve the strategy. Based on the conditions prevailing, is there?

2. Improved infrastructure and proposals:

C & # 39 As the economic engine of the region, MacArthur Airport on Long Island can continue to operate only if the city Islip looking for innovative ways to bring the airline, which it feeds, so he implemented a number of infrastructure improvements for this.

On the bank of the road realignment of road transport by 10.6 million dollars, the construction of which began in September 2011, it was decided to transfer and organize traffic, and provides for the introduction of the island on the side of the building and the 750-futovaga canopy to facilitate passengers boarding. outputs and pickups from both the private and from public transportation. The project also included the lighting, drainage and checkpoint vehicle.

Financed from fees for use by passengers, collected from the sale of tickets was completed two years later, on January 10 and 300,000 dollars under budget.

Another project land transport occurred in the western part of the airport, on Avenue Smitaun. As a result, wear 52000 square feet of old and unattractive designs made of wood, steel and concrete blocks, it was designed to attract entrepreneurs and operators who are deterred by the existing fever.

Of the three fixed base operators, Sheltair agreed to invest $ 20 million over a seven-year period in exchange for a 40-year lease 25 hectares of the 36, that paves the way for the construction of office 29,000 square feet and 161,000 square feet. hangar space.

ExcelAire also signed a 40-year lease, similarly obliging $ 4.5 million to upgrade its facilities. Recently bought in Charleston, South Carolina, the company Hawthorne Global Aviation, a corporate jet service communication took down the building next door and planned to add 32,000 square feet of office and hangar, to be able to accommodate a new generation of super-large business jets. Such as the Bombardier Global Express, Gulfstream 650 and Falcon 7X.

At the airport, aeronautical Mid-Island was at the request of its own lease and agreement on repairs.

Mirror rearrangement along a roadside of the road was a rearrangement takeoff distance. Grant Airport $ 4.5 million, of which 95 percent came from the FAA, and the remaining five per cent – from the state and the City Department of Transportation, helping to streamline the aircraft, follow the taxi towards runway 33L strip, cutting speed, and time fuel consumption. The project involved the extension of the road B, rearrangement taxi E, and setting signs airfield pavement markings, and light.

The orders were awarded Rosemar Contract of Patchogue (road construction), JKL Engineering of Maryland (steering road travel), Savik and Murray of Ronkonkoma (removal of obstacles on the runway and the supply of equipment).

Other projects, from short-term, medium and long-term master plans for the airport include the light rail-crossing to connect the terminal to the railway station of the Long Island and extension to 7,000 feet. – with a second runway to increase the security of existing operations and to attract new, distant.

even the airport transformation was proposed to the international gateway. Initiating a public campaign to this end, June 10, 2013, Senator Charles Schumer, a longtime defender of Macarthur, held a press conference to urge the US Customs and Border Patrol to create a single gateway to carriers could start flights to the Bahamas. and Aruba, are often popular tourist destinations of sun and sand.

The company encouraged concerned letters Mexican carrier Interjet, and FlyA, similarly priced, but the proposed European operator of long-range, can greatly expand the scope of the airport.

Despite the fact that the Office of Homeland Security Department regularly checks the need for such requests, his own resources have been stretched out, and hardly could be used by potential and do not need to & # 39 facilities, adequately equipped airports in New York themselves could immediately to accommodate these flights without infrastructure changes.

These ambitious proposals have created their own situation "Catch-22", which resembles the emergency and passenger airport loop. Although they could attract new carriers and routes, it was almost impossible to justify their costs, if the traffic decline is hardly required current.

3. Airlines:

Although these infrastructure upgrades and future proposals could improve the current carriers & # 39; work experience, in the end, it was the town of Islip to attract airlines pumped vitality into regional airports Long Island. So he has made some significant efforts to do so.

A. Existing airlines:
Rearranging his plane at La Guardia Airport, south-west, whose last presence was only a shadow of its peak, hardly able to increase the frequency or open the service to new areas under existing economic conditions.

Nevertheless, he emphasized its continued commitment to the regional airfield. Although the position of the 25-year contract could theoretically allow it to stop all services after a decade, he was not planning to do so.

Despite a significant deviation from the other 68-percent load factors, which he had two years ago, it was intermittently increased to the current 92 as a result of a strategy to reduce services. And, despite the fact that the simultaneous presence of La Guardia and MacArthur, seemed to dilute the same market, their respective focus on business and leisure dispelled this perception.

Nevertheless, the city Islip succeeded in negotiating a new service – with other existing carrier, US Airways.

As MacArthur was the original tenant – and therefore longer, who served then "Alegheni", which later was converted, USAir resumed trouble-free service in the National Washington Reagan after the introduction of the terrorist attacks in 2001, flight restrictions forced cancel the original one. The route, the second then to Philadelphia, contributed summing slots with Delta at LaGuardia.

Noting the first of two daily 50-passenger regional jet CRJ-200, operated Air Wisconsin March 25, 2012, the airport fire engines dubbed it a water screen after his landing at 12:50.

In accordance with messenger , Mayor Tom walks Islip said: & # 39; & # 39; I look forward to working with our Senators and Congressmen to ensure that the value of our city, the MacArthur Airport in Long Island, get the necessary attention and resources to realize their full potential. & # 39; & # 39;

Providing a vital link in the center of the capital and depriving the need for trains traveling from the south-west of Baltimore in the southwest, the aircraft converted at 13:28.

Senator Charles Schumer said that the new compound is only confirmed that Long Island has been untapped market. Despite the fact that US Airways is carried out only between six and seven per cent of its movement, it was considered disproportionately important because of the nature trails, and a business-oriented center.

B. New airline:
Building upon existing carriers before entering the service was only one side of the coin the city. Attracting new and others have been, and for this purpose the Long Island Association, the largest business and civic organization, has expressed interest in the potential of service by sending a letter by three carriers: the above Airways, and JetBlue and Air Canada.

Despite the fact that the south-west of stimulating demand and expansion of the airports he originally left his mark on the MacArthur during most of the past decade, its cancellation to reverse this trend, and JetBlue, the same type of the original single, low-paid, the minimum surplus of Carrier was It provided the same positive effect.

Blocking areas of New York, present in three major airports in New York City and two secondary, White Plains & # 39; In Vestchester County, and Stewart International airports in the State of Newburgh, Islip was one of three new directions that he recently saw.

Schumer, instrumental in its original New York service in the late 1990s, which placed her 75 slots in exchange for a real profitable routes considered airfield Long Island "missing piece of the puzzle" for JetBlue. He, along with the previous mayor Islip, Phil Nolan, stressed their support for working with the carrier and the state and local authorities to complete the transaction.

Schumer himself, CEO of JetBlue, Dave Barger, was a three-hour trip to the airport, which is a & # 39 is a neodymium & # 39; emnay part of the carrier's assessment procedures. Passing the 30 passengers who left Schumer introduced him and advised him that he was trying to persuade him to the inauguration of the service, causing spontaneous applause.

Due to & # 39; combined, 2.9 million people in the counties of Nassau and Suffolk, Barzher region considered "decent town", but because the Caribbean has made a target growth zone airline, airport, he found the Caribbean airport. and Latin demography is favorable.

While JetBlue largely reflects its rival in the southwest, these methods, at least with respect to a & # 39 facility on Long Island, became the image plyavannya. Having won an auction for the eight slots at the airport of La Guardia, he took advantage of the capacity of the aircraft instead of his New York counterparts.

Despite the disappointing result seemed, Barzher stressed that, given optimal conditions, Islip service was not a matter of "when, but when."

Another airline, which was the city, which has already expressed interest in the service of Islip, – Air Canada.

Marketing studies have shown that 58 percent of passengers in the reservoir caused the airport arrivals to Canada, while more than 30 industrial parks, which occupy 4200 hectares within the control of the town of Islip, further increased the need for. such a route. In 2011, New York State, bilateral trade with this country amounted to 34.8 billion dollars.

In particular, communication in Toronto was considered a win-win strategy. Since the 60th cross-border communication airline, she could afford it with the continuous operation of the airport and air space, minimizing fuel costs and delay, while passengers will have access to the main assembly, which facilitates Canadian, European and Asian flights . As already acted prior clearance of immigration and customs facilities in Canada, MacArthur did not have any changes.

But again, the dominance of La Guardia just drove him to the footnotes. Since WestJet, its strongest competitor, has just received eight slots at the airport in New York, it was more sensible to concentrate their assets are there to try and keep its market share, than transfer them to Long Island.

On the basis of Penair Alaska, the penultimate carrier, with which the city studied the new services brought more fruit.

As a result, achieved the Plan encourage air carriers of the FAA, which included the reduction of fees for any new entrants or existing, that establish new routes, the agreement resulted in savings of 120,000 US dollars for the cost of office rent, maintenance and landing – or two years. equivalent to the condition that he continued to service two years later.

July 25, 2013 PenAir opened two daily circular trip with the same turbavitrovym equipment, replacing the Business Express Express and the next American Eagle Saab 340 services at Boston-Logan, but stopped in 2008. system expands routes in the north-east, which included Bar Harbor, and Presque Plattsburg.

Flights took off at 8:40 am and 7:10 pm from origin to Boston at 7 am and 17:30. Fares for one-way entry was set at $ 119.

The last carrier who contacted Allegiant Air, equally brought his wings on Long Island.

"In a press release of the report" on the basis of the Las Vegas Allegiant Travel Company "is focused on the introduction of the travelers in small cities to places world-class recreation. The company provides a low tariff and high performance passenger airline through its subsidiary Allegiant Air, and also offers other products, related to travel, such as hotel rooms, car rentals and flights. "

After market research identified the need for an air service on the west coast of Florida, the city of Islip refused carrier that demographics found itself advantageous, determined August 20, 2013. This would be the 99th city in the USA, which served as one of the 14 holiday destinations.

"Мы рады дадаць пляжы паўднёвага захаду Фларыды як даступны і зручны варыянт прызначэння для жыхароў Лонг-Айленда", – гаворыцца ў прэс-рэлізе. "Мы ўпэўненыя, што супольнасць ацэніць зручнасць палёту нон-стоп у Пунта-Горду".

Прапаноўваючы $ 69 у адзін бок і $ 99 уступны кошт, алегіят адкрыў Пунта-Горду / Ft. Абслугоўванне Майерса праз чатыры месяцы, 20 снежня, з 166 пасажырамі MD-80, якія працуюць у якасці палёту 999 і вылецелі ў 7:20 вечара, дата лічыцца парогам традыцыйнага сезона свята і зімы ў Фларыдзе.

Зыходзячы з адказу, дадатковы сезонны і круглы год паслугі Myrtle Beach, Санкт-Луіс Санкт-Пецярбург, Арланда, Ft. Ладэрдейл і Лас-Вегас будуць разглядацца.

4. Бягучая служба:

Перш чым аэрапорт Мак-Артур на Лонг-Айлендзе зможа аказаць эканамічны ўплыў на рэгіён, для гэтага патрэбна дастатковая паветраная служба. Аднак, з 23 вылетаў, прапанаваных да студзеня 2014 года, два з якіх нават не былі штодзённымі, гэтая мэта наўрад ці дасягнута.

Паўднёвы захад, па-ранейшаму дамінуючая авіякампанія, прапанаваў пяць рэйсаў у Балтымор, тры ў Арланда, два ў Ft. Ладэрдейл, два – на Уэст-Палм-Біч, адзін – у Тампа, або ў агульнай складанасці 13, якія эксплуатуюцца 737-700 самалётамі. Гэта было толькі на адзін больш, чым было прапанавана ў 1999 годзе, калі ён распачаў аэрапорт апошнім перыядам росту, вярнуўшы яго да вытокаў.

US Airways, апорны пункт з часоў службы Allegheny, прапаноўваў чатыры штодзённыя рэйсы дэ-Хавіленда DHC-8 праз рэгіянальны перавозчык П'емонта ў Філадэльфію і два ў Вашынгтон з рэгіянальным рэактыўным абсталяваннем Bombardier CRJ-200 з Air Wisconsin.

PenAir звязваў Бостан з двума вылетамі Saab 340, а Allegiant Air звязваў поле Лонг-Айленда з двума штотыднёвымі паслугамі MD-80 да Ft. Майерс / Пунта Горда.

Аднаўленне важных дзелавых сувязей з Бостанам і Вашынгтонам, кожны з якіх два рэйсы, якія змяшчаюць 50 і менш пасажыраў, дазволіў падарожнікам пазбегнуць перагрузак і пераездаў, звязаных з Ла-Гвардыяй, і стаў крокам у правільным кірунку. Але гэта быў толькі дзіця. Калі Мак-Артур на Лонг-Айлендзе зноў перарасце ў рэгіянальнага пастаўшчыка, пажынаючы ўласную эканамічную ўстойлівасць за кошт пасадкі, эксплуатацыі, офіса, канцэсіі і платы за паркоўку, яму патрэбна значна большая ін'екцыя паветранага абслугоўвання.


F Jay Haynes Yellowstone Park hand-colored photographs


While Wallace Nattyng was busy photographing relatively tame roads of New England, F. Jay Haynes (1853-1921) was as busy photographing much less tame zahodneamerykanskay border. With photographic car & # 39; eray, which began in the mid-1870s, the tradition of photography Hein passed on to his son, Jack Ellis Haynes, Which continues the business of family photos Hines until the 1950s. Both father and son are likely to have contributed to the popularization of the national park Elavston than anyone else, and the results of their work today are going more and more collectors.

Frank Jay Haynes, born in Saline, Michigan, began his photographic car & # 39; career around in 1874 in Michigan and Wisconsin. In 1876 he opened his own studio in Moorhead, Minnesota, and in 1879, when it became apparent that the Fargo, North Dakota becomes a major city, 26-year-old Haynes moved there his home studio. His early commissions for pictures were primarily portraits. This part of his business turned out to be an immediate success, and in the midst of his car early & # 39; sphere in his establishment Fargo were two staff members who were involved in the creation of portraits.

Until the 1870s on railroads usually worked skillful artists who painted or sketched spectacular views of the western countries to glamuravats landscape that invites the relevant rail route. Photo of the photographic process at that time was taking a picture of wet plates. it is usually associated with bulky camera negative negative glass plates and portable dark rooms, necessary for the development of negative negatives almost immediately after their first photographic exposure and difficulty of using this process in the harsh conditions of the western US.

Kar & # 39; EPA Heins took sur & # 39; major turnover at the end of the 1870s, when the railway North Pacific hired him to be their "Official photos"In addition to a good salary, Haynes was restored railway carriage the Pullman, which has become his personal roll of photographic studio His task was to carefully take a picture of the & # 39;. Railway facilities such as railway stations, bridges, rail yard, under the & # 39; bulk wagons and shares, as well as company Haynes also photographed a beautiful area, wherever there were railroad tracks … horses, wild animals, pop cars, military forts, shops, Indians, tepei, river boats and other. Northern Pacific ocean then used Hein photos in advertisements and brochures travel, hoping to attract more commercial and passenger business for the railroad.

When traveling on the railway business Haynes also promote their personal business photos. Recognizing the need for a professional photographer among the increasing number of immigrants moving to the west, Haynes will advertise in the local newspapers from the North Pacific Ocean, the car Haynes Palace Studios is located in the city on a certain day, and that his photo services will be available in the city that do not have a permanent professional photographer. This advanced notice allowed seven & # 39; pits go to town in the family car, dressed in his Sunday the world for the annual family photo. Businesses, merchants, and anyone who needs a photographic services can take advantage of its availability. Then Haynes will be engaged in the development and processing right there in his car rolling studio to give the private commissions and railway fees. Haynes traveled to Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington in the northern Pacific and Elavston in 1882-1883 years, taking a large number of views, no matter where he went.

He went on to manage the automotive gallery rail cars Haynes studio 1885-1905. He moved into a studio in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1889 and traveled to the West and Alaska, having a reputation as one of the best photographers of the early West.

J.. Haynes also covered a variety of special events for your car & # 39; career. For example, in 1883, former President Chester A. Arthur, together with the party, which included Lieutenant General, military secretary and US senator, traveled on horse back, gastralyavavshy Fort. Washakie, Tetony and Yellowstone Park. With fresh horses, located every 20 miles, to provide the traveler a party to communicate with the outside world, F. Jay Haynes traveled with this party as an official photographer.

Because of their familiarity with the requirements to the photos needed for the promotion of the railway, in 1881, Canadian Pacific Railway was hired by the Canadian railway railway as the first official photographer. Working in Canadian Pacific, Haynes used stereakameru and sold stereakartki that stunning track Pacific Canada, and awarded a free rail ticket to unlimited use in honor of his services.

But the best part of life Yeynstonskaga Park captured most of Hein life. Haynes Work in Yellowstone began in the early 1880s, and in 1884 he became the first official photographer Elavstona. Elavston was the first national park, established by the federal government, and F. Jay Haynes received the first federal license to operate the concession fotakamernay garatstve in Yellowstone Mammoth. Haynes opened a studio The Log Cabin, which for many years served as Elavston selling photographs by tourists.

The photo was not the only business of an enterprise Haynes in Yellowstone. North Pacific Ocean used a photo Hain, to attract tourists to visit Elavston and western United States, but as soon as they arrived, someone was supposed to take them to the train station to their homes and across Yeloustoun park. Re-enter the F Jay Haynes. Later, his short transport company "National Park Elavston" has been replaced by step "Monida" and "Elavston", which became the main carrier of passengers coming through the western park in West Park. At the peak in the scenic line Haynes had 18 coaches and excursions, and he was responsible for the transportation of nearly 40% of all annual visitors to Yellowstone. However, in 1916, control of the newly established national park was handed over to the National Park Service, which annulled the contract for the carriage of Haynes and replace it with an automated transport company under their direct control.

Partly due to the closure of the transport business, and partly because of his age, Haynes resigned in 1916, transferring control over the photographic business to his son … Jack Ellis Haynes. F. Jay Haynes died in 1921.

Although Jack Ellis Haynes continued to sell colored photographs taken from negatives parents, most of his work consisted of products manufactured counterfeit, products the parents, including cards, travel brochures, travel books, etc. Yellowstone Pictures of Jack Ellis Hein usually are not as collectible as parents. Jack led the family business until 1950. He hoped that his daughter will be the third generation, which will deal with family business in Yellowstone Park, but his only child, Lida Haynes, died in a car accident in 1952 at age 20. In 1964, Jack Ellis Haynes died.

On the & # 39; the amount of work Haynes was huge. In addition to the 2400 stereaglyadav, Haynes has trained thousands of cabinet cards, thousands of individual and family portraits, and tens of thousands of hand-colored photographs. To date, the Montana Historical Society is home to more than 24,000 glass and film negatives from the collection of Hein. This includes photos Hein from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, many of his pictures of the railway in the North Pacific Railroad, and of course, its image in Yeloustoun park.

What types memarabily Haina going today? Probably much more than you might think.

View of the Yellowstone ParkProbably, a collection of Holy Grail F. Jay Haynes – a portfolio presentations Yellowstone early paintings with the title "View of the Yellowstone Park"Vileyn Henry (1844-1922), a nephew of Joseph please send (founder and owner of the brewery in Milwaukee Schlitz), instructed Haynes to make a series of 12 pictures painted in Yellowstone stones, which were then connected to a high-quality leather book and passed we just personally saw one of these complete books and collectors Hain they are extremely rare and desirable.

Photos and stereakardy: Armchair Haynes cards, de visits maps, portraits and stereo-cards are very sought after by collectors of photos. The subject and the condition is usually defined value.

Hand colored photographsHanes Collectors in pink is very sought after by collectors the early 20th century. Hand-colored photograph. Pretty much the only hand-colored kinds Haynes, you will find the park Elavston, and typically include Staravernyya, other geysers, animals, Great Falls, Lower Falls and other magnificent views of the entire park. These pictures were painted hands in oil Haynes studio and usually sold to visitors and tourists to Yellowstone, some of which are much rarer than others.

The most desirable from the & # 39 album are early prints Haynes albums, which often does not subscribe or not specified. Those earlier colored pictures issued by F. Jay Haynes, tend to be more desirable than the more recent figures issued by his son.

Most often, the picture Haynes were impressed "Haynes"Name, not a pencil or pen. Usually"Haynes, Yellowstone Park"Or"Haynes Studio, St Paul"There will be amazed by the small letters or in the figure, or in matyrovtsy. Usually sold no more than 30+ commercial Yellowstone names called, but they produced a variety of sizes (2,5×5" up to 24×36 ") and a number of different formats (matte and framed close ; rectangular and round frames, etc.) around the frame and the large size is quite unusual..

books: Although it is not the author of the F-Zhya Hein wrote several books, including "Following abroad"(Freeman Tylden) and"F. Jay Haynes, photographer"(Montana Historical Society). Each of these books contains significant biographical information Haynes and reproductions of many of his photographs.

A trip to Yellowstone ParkGuide Hein published and updated almost every year between 1890-1966. They are widely regarded as the best guides to Yellowstone print and retain facts and trivia about the park Elavston along with, of course, many pictures of Haynes Yellowstone. Most guides Hein had to later years Jack Ellis Hein.

Machine-productsAs time and technology hand-colored drawings Haynes were replaced by less expensive car color prints. These prints were sold individually or in packaged portfolios. Machines that are produced in the machines, were made from the later years of Jack Ellis Hein and not as collectible as colored pictures Haynes.

Cards, postcards, folders fotapakety: Photos Heins Yellowstone widely sold through a variety of individual cards, folders, postcards and souvenir photos of smaller packets. They sold like Haynes, and through other suppliers Yellowstone. Most were from the later years, Jack Ellis Hein.

Souvenir booklets ElavstonOver the years, the studio Haynes or betrayed their own albums for gifts or some of these images with the Yellowstone Haynes & # 39 appeared in photo albums and booklets issued by others. We saw at least six of these albums, and, most likely, there are many others. Most of them were from the later years, Jack Ellis Hein.

Various memorials YellowstoneWe also saw other things that are not from the & # 39 are Hain, sold under the name "Haynes". For example, we have seen "Old Faithful"Vytravlenne that both had the name of the original artist"Haynes"Name. We have seen the print R Atkinson Fox Yellowstone, which is applied as a"fox"The name on the press and"Haynes"The name struck matyrovku. We have seen government publications Yellowstone University, is a photograph of Haines. And we even saw a pane of glass in the form of design, developed to attract the sunlight through the" Old Faithful ".

Thus, the next time you hear the name "F. Jay Haynes"Yellowstone Park West and the United States should immediately come to mind.


Establishment of technology – the relationship between you and your child


The parents of many of the child. In English, nouns are not enough to accurately describe the numerous and diverse roles that parents perform in children's lives. At all of them – from the chef to the coach and fan to the history of the reader. In short, parents are still their children. The only thing they are, especially in the division – a presence. The child must feel that they are, wherever they may be, their parents. Being in the presence of a child's life – a lot of work, regardless of the dynamics and the situation in your family & # 39; and. When the divorce is very important to maintain the presence of a strong and consistent. Fortunately, today technology offers parents more ways to communicate with their children when they are apart.

Configure two houses difficult and make the effort to provide children with a reminder of your presence in their lives, provide a better transition. The main reminder that will give the child comfort and safety when alone – a picture of their parents, special people and places in their lives. Buying a digital camera of good quality for themselves and for the child – a good investment. Now they're doing the camera, which the children can use it to your kindergarten. Shooting their homes, pets, rooms and friends can be the beginning of the album, which can grow as they grow and can become a special project, which you can share with your child. Selecting the album, which can be personalized, and a selection of pictures theme can be fun for all of you.

Travel around and photographing places special for your child can be a special walk for the whole family & # 39; and. Many programs allow you to upload images in the format of notes and add captions and titles. For parents who are not creative, simple album with pictures that will be traveling with a child between the houses, could become an element of stability in life. Visual images – even this venerable child.

As well as the visual image to stimulate children's senses, hearing records can cause a feeling of safety and comfort. Now available are very intelligent versions of books that can be recorded, and you can record your voice while reading your favorite stories. But we must not be limited to stories. A small digital voice recorder is easy to use, and you can record a good and thoughtful posts.

The cooperation of parents to display images and play back messages is important. Some couples who divorce may find this an easy area to negotiate when they hold their children's well-being at the forefront. Your mediator in divorce can help you develop any complications. Bringing these medicines, which in the beginning may not seem huge, it may prevent them from becoming a real problem. Remember that when it comes to your children, then no problem or problems are not too small.


Our Milky Way: the lost and lonely in the void


Wherever we looked out into the universe, we see the most bizarre pattern similar to the foam – the heavy, mysterious invisible thread dark matter braiding around itself, weaving structure called giant Cosmic Web. Filament light light dance stars that trace these massive translucent yarn, throwing light on what otherwise can not be seen by human eyes. Shiny, star-shaped, massive galaxy can be observed piano like sparkling fireflies around the huge borders, black and almost – but not quite – empty void that interrupt this wonderful, twisted, invisible structure similar to the Internet. We live in a mysterious universe, which keeps its secrets well, largely because most of them are "missing" – avoiding the prying eyes of those who seek to explore what is hidden, unknown, and perhaps lost to us forever on the horizon our visibility. These very far on the & # 39; sites located in the unimaginably distant regions, and traveling light is not enough time to reach us since the birth of the Big Bang space and time nearly 14 billion years ago – a result of the expansion of the universe. At a meeting in June 2017 the American Astronomical Society (AAS) in Austin, Texas, astrophysicists have announced that they have uncovered one of the secrets of our universe – our Galaxy live in a dark place Emptiness.

When we consider our huge universe as a whole, our large spiral galaxy, the Milky Way and its "close" neighbors are in the distant suburbs. In the observational study, in 2013 the astronomer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Amy Barger and her student Ryan Keenan demonstrated that our own Milky Way, in the context of large-scale structure of the universe is in an almost empty place. Emptiness. Here, in this respect, lonely place in the cosmos, there are far fewer galaxies, stars and planets than expected. Currently, Keenan is in Udacity Mountain In & # 39; w, California.

This new study, conducted by the State of Wisconsin-Madison University, which is also a & # 39 is a student of Dr. Barger, reinforces earlier studies that suggest that we are in a dark and almost– But not completely – empty voids of the great cosmic web. New research also helps to coordinate some obvious differences between the various measurements Hubble constant. The Hubble constant This unit, which cosmologist used to describe the rate of expansion of the universe.

"No matter what technique you use, you should get the same value for the expansion rate of the universe today. Fortunately, living in void helps to solve this tension, "he explained Ben Hosheyt June 6, 2017 at a meeting of the AAS. Mr. Hosheyt with & # 39 is a student at the University of Wisconsin, who found that our galaxy the Milky Way is much higher than the average void.

A new study from the & # 39 is part of a broader effort to better understand the large-scale structure of the universe. Huge, massive structure, similar to the Internet, looked like Swiss cheese – or, conversely, of the natural sponge or even a familiar honeycomb. It also recalls the neural network of the human brain. massive thread cosmic web they are marked superklasterami brilliant galaxies and clusters of galaxies that, in turn, consist of a fiery glittering stars that light up the gas, dust, planets, moons and other small about & # 39 objects. Two "missing" components Kosmasu–dark matter and dark energy–daley can not be observed directly.

Currently, the universe consists of 4.9 percent "ordinary" atomic (Baryonavae) substance, 26.8 per cent dark matter, and 84.5 per cent dark energy. Two "missing" components of the total mass of the universe, dark matter and dark energy, together they account for about 95.1 percent of the total mass of the universe. Of course, the so-called "normal" nuclear matter This pathetic valadarenne three litter the universe. However, nuclear matter in fact, not a "normal" at all – this is an unusual form of matter is the world with which people are familiar, and includes all the atomic elements listed in the familiar Periodic Table. The only atomic elements manufactured in fireball Big Bang – hydrogen, helium, traces of lithium and beryllium. all heavier atomic elements were prepared in the process nuclear fusion stars or – in the case of the heaviest atomic elements – in the post-fire supernova that indicated grand finale their starry existence. shady transaction is mysterious material, which is believed to consist of exotic nonatomic particles that do not interact with light or any other form of electromagnetic radiation. However, dark matter really interact with "normal" nuclear matter by the force of gravity, which is why she gives herself, though invisible. gravitational effects dark matter on the visible nuclear material manifestation of his ghostly presence. dark energy even more mysterious than dark matter. Perhaps the cosmos property, a substance that causes the universe to accelerate its expansion.

However, there is an alternative proposal to the existence of dark energy.This proposal suggests that our planet is adjacent to a center Emptiness. Although the results seem to indicate that void Models bad match observations, nonetheless, many scientists believe that more research is needed to determine whether it is necessary void models, dark energyor something else entirely accurately explain how and why the universe is expanding at a rate of.

lost in void

enormous cosmic web it accounts for more than 50 percent of the & # 39; the volume of the entire universe and its amazing structure shows a huge, massive dark matter strands that surround the wide, black, and almost null Nether. Our Space filled huge collections of galaxies located in the cluster and nodes which are interconnected long strings within dark matter mustache Cosmic Web. This huge structure is extremely well organized, and it shows some very tense intersection of galaxies that are buzzing on the black, empty spaces. A huge, cavernous voids for many years it has been the target of astronomers in their efforts to understand the relatively small number of galactic components that swarm around them. Hard to say, expanses of shiny and dark matter filaments light sparkling flame trillion stars, is surrounded by a black and almost empty cavernous void or if voids Instead, surround these massive star filamentous antennae mysterious, ghostly, transparent and twisted things. Indeed, the two components cosmic web so intertwined with that some cosmologist believe that all large-scale structure of the Universe is best described as just one large filament lit flaming stars and glowing gases, and only one huge void tied together in a twisted and incredibly huge canvas.

Recent studies show that our universe has evolved as they grow older and halazhennya. He was born 13.8 billion years ago in a break the most of the Cosmos, in an exponential proliferation of the inflation of the Big Bang. He started as an unimaginably small patch, and then – in the shortest fraction of a second – has expanded exponentially to reach macroscopic size. The large-scale structure of the universe, as is the case in cosmic webThere may have been born without actual physical differences which exist between the areas greater than the average density, wherein fixtures galactic structures are formed within the dark matter and fringing field with a lower average density, which turned into a nearly empty Nether. If the large-scale structure of the universe as we see it today, really & # 39 is the result of random fluctuations of the quantum level in the Children of the Universe, this observation – this is what offers the most direct cosmological models. In physics, a quantum the minimum quantity of any natural person involved in the interaction.

As a result, some of the domains of the universe get so much more matter density than others, simply because of the accident. As the saying goes, "the rich get richer and the poor – poorer." Because of random quantum fluctuations in the newborn cosmos distribution of wealth in our universe it was completely random.

Our Milky Way: the lost and lonely in this void

The void containing our galaxy, dubbed KBC canceled for Keenan, Barger and Dr. Covey Lennaksa with the University of Hawaii, is believed to be at least seven times more than the average void, With a large radius of about 1 billion light years. The KBC canceled now with the & # 39 is the biggest void known to astronomers. According to Dr. Barger, a new study by Ben Hosheyta shows that the first assessment of Ryan Taff KBC problemwhich suggests that it has a spherical shape, sports shell thickness increase consisting of galaxies, stars, and other forms of matterIt does not exclude other observational constraints.

"It is often very difficult to find a consistent solution between the different observations. The fact that Ben has shown is that the section density, which measured Keenan corresponds to cosmological observations. Man always wants to find a sequence, or there where any problems that need to be resolved" , said Dr. Barger at the UN in June 2017. Dr. Barger – observational cosmologist, who is an officer's reunion at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Hawaii.

For scientists who measure the accelerated expansion of the universe, the brilliant light that penetrates from space to space type Ia supernova standard candle choice. type Ia supernovae all explode with the same amount of energy, and thus they can provide astronomers measurement method Hubble constant. discovery dark energy In 1998, the remote itself was made by astronomers using Type Ia supernovae how standard candles.

As an alternative method the cosmic microwave background (CMB) it is also a way for astronomers to investigate the primordial universe. The CMB there relict light of the Big Bang itself.

"Photons with CMB encode baby picture of the early universe. They show us that at this stage, the universe was surprisingly smooth. It was dense hot soup photons, electrons, and protons, which show only small temperature differences across the sky. But in fact, these tiny temperature differences lead to the conclusion Hubble constant and "local" resolution, obtained by observing light from a relatively nearby supernova, "explained Ben Hosheyt at the June meeting of the United Nations.

Hasheyt went on to explain that in this way you can make a direct comparison between the "space" of determination Hubble constant and "local" definition, obtained on the basis of observations of light at a relatively nearby supernova.

Dr. Barger noted that the new study Hoscheit, shows that there is no modern observational obstacles to the conclusion that the Milky Way is in very high places Emptiness. She added that in the presence of a bonus void You can also resolve some differences between the methods are used to determine the rate of expansion of the universe.


10 things I hate about video conferencing


In these difficult economic times, business is difficult to survive. So if you are looking for ways to maintain their competitive advantage …

Check out these 10 things I hate about video conferencing:

1) I live in Wisconsin, and the winters are hard. I like to go to a trip to sunny California to get out of the frozen tundra! Therefore, meeting the Internet makes my warm winter trip less likely.

2) Sometimes I would miss his "seen" on the camera … especially when I'm working at home, taking care of her sick child. Video conferencing easier time for the face – at any place and at any time.

3) Less than the cost of business for tax write-offs. Cash features conferences by 68% or more at the expense of business, such as payment for conference calls, long distance and international calls, chickens & # 39; erskiya board, gas and insurance costs each year.

4) I have to deal with a large number of customers, suppliers and remote employees, because it is easier to communicate on the Internet and more.

5) The possibility of running into a higher tax bracket because Internet sales presentations easier and cheaper for you to double or triple their income.

6) More time to sit in meetings with the marketing plan to grow your business, as more than business as usual will effectively lead the Internet.

7) More training sessions, because it costs less to provide timely sales representatives, modern, online training on demand. Web conferencing significantly reduce training costs.

8) More meetings at all. Since the meeting on the Internet is so economical, you can turn the key decision-makers and employees – even if they are located around the world – to do their business.

9) Less exercise! Since you do not have to walk (or drive) to another building for a meeting, you will have better use of your time during the day.

10) It's worth the money! There is no doubt that video conferencing to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, good for the environment and beneficial to your being … but it is not free for all!


Using the "wired" court reporter


(Original article below was published in the journal "Milwaukee's Law" in 2002. In the lower footnote -. This innovative changes in technology and the process after the initial publication.)

The introduction of computers in the judicial branch of the reporting in the mid seventies opened the door to many new products and services of the report, and ultimately create more opportunities for judicial razborshchykav. Automatic Transcription (CAT) – the process of converting a computer & # 39; computer shorthand notes of the reporter in English – with a & # 39; emergence of technologies that shaped the modern world wired statements. Like all other industries, the court reporter now with the & # 39 are part of a rapidly evolving, technologically advanced world of iPad, the Internet, etc. (1)

Below is a short script that includes a variety of services available at the present time from the technology firm that provides reliable information when making or finding the evidence, as well as a hearing or trial:

After tydnyavyh documents the discovery of all the parties begin a series of readings of the facts. Transcripts depazitsyi made on paper in full and short (up to 16 pages on a physical page), as well as digital versions of PDF (2) having indexed and artifacts associated with each instance in the range of indications for instant retrieval inASCII files available in many formats to search for text on a computer via the software for case management and trial presentation.(3) After a week attorney travels to a remote place, to descend witness. So removed the reporter can accurately transcribe in real time (a direct transcription of the spoken word, can be seen on the computer screen), the list of words that contain different unique dates of all previous deposits in the event that was previously an e-mail. Several opposing lawyers decided not to attend in person, but instead decided to get ASCII supply in real time, as well as video and audio through remote video conference. They live on their desktop computers in the office via a standard Internet connection, make personal annotations and chat on the Internet with the person making the objection as required by videoconference.(4) A lawyer was in a remote location, but still attended the sunset through your iPhone. According to the results depazitsyi, real-time channel is essentially a rough draft of the ASCII file, stored on computers attorneys to use in preparation for the next deposit (to prepare a certified transcript). An annotated version was transmitted by e-mail to an employee or colleague who made up the petition. (5) Video and audio are also stored online for immediate consideration. (6) A lawyer was in flight during Depp and views in real-time feed of text on the iPad via the Internet connection of the aircraft, which it could then notice on the plane, ready for the next depazitsyi.

Reporters are constantly planning was carried out using a secure login to online planning manager reporting planning, producing both electronic and paper confirmation.. and check the schedule of deposits reporters 24/7 network system. There were a few necessary information at the last minute, place delay, previous transcripts and exhibits that the lawyer was able to raise your iPad / iPhone with the mobile app. The exhibit, which is believed to be contained in a box big banker, was missing, but the application for smartphones has allowed access to this exhibit and to all other cases.

Who planned series of three statements of expert witnesses, two on Monday and Tuesday in New York, and one Wednesday in Los Angeles. The first two days must be carried out on a daily basis and in real time, when the expert department of the Los Angeles (among the witnesses) received both days reading live via video / audio / text transmission, as well as email rough draft ASCII conclusion of each day to prepare for depazitsyi. . Firm-report agreed with local businesses to obtain, print and deliver the transcript of an hour. LA trip We could not make the two defenders, so they received in real time relevant offices, where they are also viewed and participated in depazitsyi through remote video conference. videoconference also removed was used for the expert L., who had to leave his office, using an ordinary computer with a video camera and an Internet connection.

For all three experts to the production of "picture in picture" have been requested services in videotape to the witness and the documents to which they referred, can be viewed simultaneously. Then the video was synchronized with the ASCII text file, and exhibits also referred to the text. and stored on the DVD, the parts of which are to be used in the wide screen, for impeachment.

All lawyers are planning to receive a supply of transcripts in real time and verified by the daily transcripts of the trial, so that they have the necessary tools to produce witnesses and impeachment. Previous statements of all witnesses and the previously scanned documents are now documented in court on a computer & # 39; yuterah lawyers. If they find a transcript of the exhibit file, are missing, they can be immediately restored by connecting to the Internet to access the reporting campaign. One of the lawyers asked for a portable video file compatible with the trial presentation app for your iPad.

At the forefront of these technologies today is translated in real-time. As described above, this service is provided by counsel of immense help in the immediate tracking of evidence at the time of applications, trials on large business or any complex litigation, when a group of lawsuits should keep up with the events that occur (and make them available to students ). (9) In comparison with the cost of a night peak or a copy of the daily, in real time is actually less expensive mode. You still have the expenses related to the final certified transcript of the reporter, but you also want would be if you ordered a transcript of the peak; besides, in real time, there is already a rough version, when it comes to an end during the day. More features, time saving and less expensive – worth it!

How it works in real-time? Court reporter in real time secures their computer & # 39; yuteryzavanuyu stenagrafnuyu machine via cable or wirelessly to their laptop containing software that translates keystrokes with stenography machine to the global dictionary of words written by the reporter in her shorthand theory (10) . Stan keys, computer quickly crosses the blows dictionary reporter and reflects the match and "untranslated" (raw Stan, for which there is no overlap) on the computer screen. The same results are exported to a reporter in the computer software (LiveNote, Summing, CaseViewNet) attorney's computer monitoring, annotation, encoding and issuance of digestion.

Channel real-time is not changed, and will likely contain some errors. It is not appropriate and can not be used for treatment in the proceedings, because it is not a certified transcript.

Complex technical cases require that the reporter had prepared for real-time by inserting the unique terminology dictionaries, so they can create more accurate channels in real time. The more experienced and qualified reporter, the more developed vocabulary, the more controlled the speakers at the forum and the better the results in real time.

Be sure to ask a reporter with the skills which in real time, you already know or while traveling, ask a certified reporter in real time, which has been tested and certified by the National Association of court reporters. For more information about real-time and other reporting services, contact the reporting authority of the local court.

(1) It took a few years to the court reporters and industry reporting technologies to realize the benefits of using these new technologies. Today's court reporter can hardly exist without them.

(2) are connected (or hyperlink) documents – creates a connection to an external instrument immediately visible by clicking on it. Now a lawyer can review the transcript and view each exhibit, as referred to in the text.

(3) PDF-documents are currently dominant, the most universal file format that is used by computer users around the world to view text and graphics, which has become the standard for the last 10 years.

(4) Remote video conference calls violence in 2012 – the possibility of using videoconferencing technology between portable computing devices (iPad, laptops, etc.) and standard equipment for video conferencing (Polycom, Tandberg) via the Internet. Unlike Skype or Google Hangouts,-reports of companies use products that are encrypted for added security and stability.

(5) The legal deposit of video and audio can be stored in the cloud for immediate consideration by the Internet.

(6) Products such as TextMap, Summing and LiveNote exporting a document containing labor lawyer product (signs, annotations, etc.) that can be shared with team members.

(7) the business accounting firm providing Internet portals for the installation and tracking of deposits planning, download and view transcripts and exhibits, as well as access to the records and calendar.

(8) The flow of the video and the text makes it possible to visit the Deposit and view text in real-time from anywhere with an Internet connection.

(9) The requirement ODO federal government to in 2006 was closed the entire network television, it was the cause of the drain of talent reporters in real time, creating a deficit. Now there is competition between the companies providing the report, and the company signed for authors in real time. This disadvantage has stimulated the federal government to enact legislation that recently approve the financial subsidies to training / tytravyya training programs across the country. These schools now offer scholarships to encourage more students to start these programs to ADA mandates a closed broadcast can be realized.

(10) Who is the usual practice to get pitch in real time via Bluetooth wireless as an alternative to a wired connection.